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Week 4 and feeling like I can do more

So, I am just heading into week four of the c25k program and very much enjoying seeing the benefits to my health and energy levels. 2 months ago I was 19 stone and could not even run for 30 seconds. It took me four weeks of walking and short interval running before I could even complete day one! Now I am 2 stone lighter (but still have a long way to go) and feeling much more positive and pumped up about life in general.

And this has led to an unexpected problem....

One the last run, when Laura said "slow down to a walk now", I realised that I did not want or need to stop and just carried on running. I ran a total of 30 minutes that day and could probably have carried on for longer. My legs were pretty sore the next day, but otherwise I did not suffer and injury.

My next run is due tomorrow and I find myself with a bit of a dilemma: should I stick with the program and go back to the shorter interval runs or should I push myself to run for longer periods?

I should also mention that I have been doing gym training on my off days and walking around 6 miles every day, so my fitness levels are increasing at a faster rate than they would be if I was doing the c25k program alone.

I am also doing a 5k "Run for life" in July and want to get my speed and endurance up ready for that.

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You may feel super full of energy and raring to go, and that is great, really great, but your joints and bones and myofascial tissue and neuromuscular system adapt based on gradual repetition, not enthusiasm. It take time for strength to build and if you try to force your body to adapt quicker it is likely to result in injury. It would be very disappointing and frustrating for you if you had to put all your progress on hold for a few weeks while you sat on the Injury Couch.

Also, please do not try to get your speed up a this stage. that is another good route to injury. You can do the Race for Life at any pace - its the finishing that is your goal, not being fast, and again, you will not be able to do that if you injure yourself in the meanwhile.

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Thank you for your advice. I think I knew that really but needed to be reminded :)

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Please take rigs advise :) I ended up with a stress fracture on my knee and 5 weeks later still recovering.. sorry for horror story.. plenty time to grow strong and your be running 30 mins with confidence x


I just got my 8 week reminder for my july race for life, hoping I recover enough to take part :)


Sorry to hear about your injury. I shall heed your words and stick to the program. I do hope you get better in time for your Race for Life in July x


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