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First post-grad run

How nice it was to just go out and run without thinking about how long or how far I was going!

I took it easy and funnily enough when I stopped I'd run for 30 minutes, I only covered 3.86km but that was expected, I was running uphill for most of it and I didn't want an injury!

The thing I noticed about this run was the mental leap that has come with graduating - I was confident enough to run around the streets because I am a runner, no longer someone trying to run :)

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Excelllent what a great feeling. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. And yes you are a runner!


I was wondering if I could do it without Laura too - and you will be my inspiration to just go bareback. Thank you GF!


Nice one Rolyat. My three runs this week have been slow saunters too - three different routes (got lost in the woods yesterday!) not thinking about time or pace is really liberating.


Hooray! Great feeling eh?


I also did a freestyle run the other day, (my first after graduating) I did a much shorter route than usual but the weird thing was , that without having music to distract me from anything I could hear my footfalls and my breathing as if there was a giant running at the side of me! and also I had no sense of how fast or slow I was going either wether I was on apar with my Laura runs or slower/faster. However I started couch to 5k+ this week and I have to admit,I do like the structure and tuition you get with this podcast. Laura really goes through everything with you about your technique (I did the stepping stone one) and I learnt loads. I can't wait to do the speed and stamina ones as I think I'm really lagging with these and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm falling very short of 5k.

Will you be doing the 5k+ or carry on free running?


I'm thinking of spending a couple of weeks exploring free running then trying the stepping stone podcasts and see where I go from there. Several of my friends graduated C25K and immediately set their sights on running 10k, I think I'd like to stick at 5km for a while and see how much I can improve.


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