W6R2 - zzzzzzzzzzz

I had some app issues the other night when doing this run and ended up not completing it properly so repeated it tonight.  Some teething problems with the app again at the beginning but got started eventually.  Found it quite hard but not uncomfortably so and felt quite pumped at the end, like I am finally making progress.  My knee felt quite sore though but after my post run stretches that actually eased which I was pleased and surprised about.

However a couple of hours later and the old exhaustion resurfaced - not a nice tiredness but a real exhausted, can't keep my eyes open, lightheaded feeling.  Bit disappointed as not had that for a while now, however I did have a pizza from the newly opened Papa Johns after the run, could that be the culprit??  I struggle on Fridays to find the motivation to cook something after running so this is not the first time I've ended up with takeaway but I'm wondering whether it's not such a good idea.  Anyway I fell asleep for half an hour and feel marginally better but think I just need a good night's sleep and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.  I won't let it get me down again, onwards and upwards!! 😀


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10 Replies

  • Maybe a bit too personal for online, sorry, not discussing it as such but think about your time of month. May have a wee impact. And yep, could be a wee carb' surge! Could be coming down with something or you could actually have a wee low-grade lurgy that's not enough to really present itself but is upsetting your balance. Could just be that you are exhausted!

    The running is more than your body has been used to, it'll take a while for it all to catch up and settle down.

    Hopefully rest and a good nights sleep will perk you back up :)

  • You might be right about your first point actually!  Think I will lay off the takeaways completely now though, I'm just not used to them anymore.

  • Go to doc if you are concerned, particularly about light-headedness. However, running is exhausting & takes a toll on your body, especially if you are new to it. A few earlier nights & being careful with what you fuel your body with pre & post run should help. You've made fab progress, keep it up!! So annoying when you have a technology glitch though isn't it? X

  • Yes they are great when they work but annoying when they don't!

  • You are doing so well..but need to sort out what is happening to you. I know that I get that light headed feeling if I have not eaten enough through the day or drunk enough water...it sometimes feels like I am walking on a cotton wool floor..but that could be the weirdness of me :)

    Take a look at your diet maybe, and liquid intake?

    Hope you are feeling better today! :)

  • Thanks Floss, recent runs had felt great so hopefully this is a blip.  I had started with iron supplements but have neglected them recently so maybe I will go back on them.  Also I know i don't drink enough but old habits die hard.  Will make a bigger effort this week 😀

  • That's the ticket! Well done :)

  • Hello fellow Red ;-)

    While not the intensity I experienced being very tired in the afternoons and evenings as I progressed through C25K. In my case, I guess I just wasn't used to exercising after 25 years of doing nowt.  I found as I got fitter and just kept running regularly that this tiredness disappeared, but I still sleep better.  Don't neglect eating properly and keeping hydrated either - all very important.

    Good luck for W6R2 and 3 :-)


  • I definitely don't drink enough, my diet I think is good these days but must stop with the lapses onto takeaways, my body doesn't like them anymore!  Plus on reflection I was pretty tired before I started.  Hopefully just a bump in the road, will try W6R2 again in a couple of days.

  • I wouldn't have thought you needed to do it again?

    Make sure you've had a snack couple of hours before you run, half a nana and glass of milk maybe, then the same again when you get in. Milk is reportedly better than water to rehydrate after exercise

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