Kick up your heels? C25k+ stamina podcast

Hi all. Went out and did the stamina podcast again today. The lovely Laura tells us to kick up our heels so the legs make a round circular motion as we run. Is anyone doing this? I made a conscious effort to do it which means normally I don't. I looked around the park at other runners, most seem to splay their feet out to the side a bit but I didn't notice too much of this circular motion. Did see one guy running like that and he generally looked like he knew exactly what he was doing. He was also going pretty fast.


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16 Replies

  • Yep... in one of my posts I describe doing it too :)

     I try and do it... even though I think it may look funny :)

    Go for it..then at least there are three of us out there trying... ( he obviously listened to Laura too ) :)

  • Thanks Floss. I'll try and persevere with it. Funny thing is my arms want to go in a circular motion to match. Talk about uncoordinated

  • I found this really useful advice (when I remember!) It does help with stamina and speed -don't know why but it really does 

  • Ok thanks. I'll stick with. Odd thing is most runners I see out don't do it. I'd really like someone to video me running. Might cajole my daughter into doing it when she's well enough. Would be interesting to see

  • It's very hard to do. It took me ages before I was picking my feet up and not shuffling.  I suppose as we get stronger and fitter our feet come up higher off the floor.  When we get tired though it can all go pear shaped

    Keep on keeping on ..........

  • Thanks. It feels odd to do it when you are consciously thinking about it but it is definitely easier to do when you run faster. I'll plug away at it.

  • I find it so much more effort and not economic in energy terms but you certainly go faster! Now my breathing is not a problem I must work on this as I'm sure once you've got it, it's more efficient

  • It is a lot more work for the calves that's for sure. I notice that if I do it for a longer run.

  • Hi Bobtillyoudrop,

    Glad to hear you are having fun with the stamina podcast. Well done thats 35 mins running.

    I enjoy Laura's coaching technique and the short quick steps. This seems to fit with picking your heels up..just think of your feet moving in a circular motion to help with your rythmn. Don't  forget to keep your shoulders down... (thanks Laura ... how did she know 😊)

    Happy running.

  • Hi Jan. I find stamina is good for working on speed and I do it for my shorter run. Since it's only short, I can focus more on technique than I do on the longer runs where I just settle in to the running and my mind wanders off doing uts own thing. 

  • Wow go you.. I haven't posted for a while and hadn't realised how much ground you are covering..  Im very impressed by your commitment. Just checked your latest posts must be so proud of your achievements. ☺ and rightly so. x

  • I think slow and long is my kind of running to be honest. I'll never be a racer. Just read DJAdams post on here about running joyfully and I liked it so much, I am making it my motto. Whatever and however I run, I'm going to do it joyfully.

  • I do try and make a circular motion, but that's more from the knees than picking up my feet at the back, I find that quite hard work. I'll try a bit harder next time!

  • We'll get the hang of this. Haven't given any thought to my knee action when I am running. I'll try and tune into them on Sat. I was kind of hoping not to have to bother with this heel lifting,  circular leg motion but you have all convinced me otherwise. Thanks!

  • I posted about this a very long time ago... can't find it but the basis of it was that I was trying to kick up my heels, as you say, to make this circular motion.  At the same time my arms spontaneously started circling as well.  The thing was, I was on a disused uphill railway line so felt very like The Little Engine That Could - I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! :D

  • Ha ha, like that  :) So glad I'm not the only one whose arms wanted to do the circular motion too!

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