W5R2 done - can't believe I've said that!

After a pep talk from GrannyJudes - listen up Peeps - decided I really had no excuse so put on my running gear, including brand new bright pink top, plugged into Laura and off I went on my old route as there aren't so many inclines. Started running and for the first time ever found a pace that didn't leave me wanting to stop after 30 seconds, result. Could have gone on when Laura said stop. Half way through the second 8 minutes I hit the seafront and nearly got blown back to where I started but at the same time Laura said I was half way through so with my new mantra playing in my head (GrannyJude says I can) I carried on. When Laura said stop I couldn't believe I had done it.

GrannyJudes and lose it (plus so many others) you are such an inspiration, please don't ever stop posting.

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  • Hey well done sweetie - like the fact that you didn't stop when the wind blew you back! I share a bed with a very windy bloke so know how that feels!!!!!

  • Oooopps - I lowered the tone again. I'm going to have to stop doing that ....

  • That's not called lowering the tone, that's called telling it like it is! Oh and thanks

  • Lol

  • You lot make me laugh! x

  • Better than crying

  • well done jo55 :D nice work :D had trouble with the wind myself the other week haha

  • Thanks oh and Much to much information lol

  • lol good job i didn't mention about being wet too

  • Behave lol

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