W5R2 Done

Week5R2 I did it but omg! it was pretty hard going to run a whole 8 minutes, yes the weather was beautiful and warm which did help get me through but very touch I found.

I normally have two days rest instead of one I found that works best for me, because my working and home life are pretty hectic anyway so the extra day off help me for the next run.

Now I shall gear myself for W5R3 which I think it's a whole 10 minutes run non stop from what I've heard, I think I'll make it I hope so.

Pleased I've got this far anyway and well done to all who has got this far and further.



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15 Replies

  • Slow and steady, bit by bit...

  • Thanks Donkeywhistler, Agree one step at a time. :)

  • 5.3 is a bogey one for a lot of people as its actually 20 minutes non-stop, but you can do it, it's all in the mind.

  • Thanks Peteparfitt, You mean the running increased to 12 minutes, and I have to run for 20 minutes with no stopping in between. :o

    I see what happens, I hope I can make it.

  • Well done. I've often added the extra day it seems to help with the aches! Keep going good luck

  • Thanks Bamboo14, Yes I agree since W4 I've started to have an extra day and I feel well rested for the next run.

  • Well done you!

    Brilliant.... keep it slow and keep it steady. You will do this.. maybe, give yourself focus points to run towards, a tree, a lam post etc.. and the time will whizz... or like me think about all sorts of random things!

    Try to focus on the now and not worry about the next runs.. they will happen naturally, if you follow the programme through! :)

  • Thanks Oldfloss,

    Slow and steady is the way to go with those runs, I run in a small park there's plenty of distractions and focus point to keep my mind away from the run. I shall be prepare on my rest days


  • Well done! I've got this run tonight, I've managed everyone before so hopefully this is no different!

  • Well done. The next run is quite a milestone but go out slow and steady and you'll do it! You are ready for this.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner,

    Sounds like it from what others are saying, I'm just surprised there are a big increase in minutes but I'm sure Laura would prepare us and know there's a big jump in minutes.

    I shall let you all know how I got on fingers crossed.


  • It's not really a big increase , you've just run 2 lots of 8 mins do only an extra 4 than your last run.

    Just keep it slow and steady, You can do it

  • Thanks Jeleybelly,

    You mean I'll be running two lots of 10 minutes if that's the case it's very doer able.?


  • Yep, you're really just filling the gaps.

  • Thanks Peteparfitt,

    The two minutes gaps sounds more ideal. :)

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