W6R3 Epic fail :(

Couldn't run on Sunday as usual due to other commitments so thought I'd swap my days round & run this evening. Massive fail!! Only managed 17minutes. 

Had a terrible nights sleep last night so was feeling tired anyway, hardly eaten today & had a rubbish day at work. Felt teary & emotional all day, random tears & just fed up. Thought the run would clear my head so off I went. 

Changed my route as I fancied a change of scenery, unfortunately I'd forgotten how hilly the route id taken was. By the 16th minute having come to the top of a rather steep climb I just couldn't carry on. Slowed to almost walking thinking it would help but it didn't. 17 minutes in & I just couldn't do it anymore. I felt hot, felt sick & just wanted to burst into tears so I walked home & the minute I was through the door the tears came. 

Feel like a huge failure at the minute but determined to complete W6 on Wednesday. 

Good luck all


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16 Replies

  • Oh honey, don't you beat yourself up about it.  Everyone of those reasons would have caused a problem - I'm amazed you managed 17 minutes with them all combined.  Put it down to experience and go again when you're ready.  Also - avoid those bloody hills!!!

    I was very lucky to squeeze mine in yesterday and today I have an awful cold and had the worst day at work for about 5 years.  Week 7 may be a little delayed.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself, you still ran for 17 minutes, I bet you couldn't have imagined ever being able to do that when you first started.  You have done amazingly well to get this far and you will complete week 6 and carry on.  Everyone has off days so just have a nice relaxing evening, be kind to yourself and forget about it.  Tomorrow as they say is another day.

  • Running for 17 minutes is brilliant - could you have done that a month ago? I don't think these are failures, or rather they are technically 'failures' of some pretty meaningless and unimportant criteria (i.e. the notion that you must never fail a run).

    The _real_ objective here is to keep running, which you did! 

  • I know how you feel, I have had a few runs like that through this programme.  But imagine a few weeks ago if you thought you could 'only' manage 17 minutes.  You have come a long way and despite having a bad day you still got out there.  You can do this.

  • True - think back to where we all were when we started, when running for 60 seconds was a big ask. You have come such a long way in these few weeks!

  • Thank you. This was over 3 weeks ago. I managed to get to W7 R3 then got an injury. Been like it almost 2 weeks. Not managed another run yet so I'm very behind now x

  • I will never, ever understand people who consider a run, *any* run, a failure...

    You added 17 minutes of hilly run to your log; you haven't failed, you trained your body and your mind.

    Now, take a rest day (or two, if you need) and try again, maybe on a less challenging road. You are 2/3 into the programme and if you made it so far nothing can prevent you from getting to the end... nothing but self-doubt so believe in yourself and the hard work you've already done!

  • Hey, don't worry about it. The same run defeated me at about the same point the first time I tried it. Take a couple of days off and get out there again and smash it. You definitely can. The programme has prepared you. Everyone has a bad run now and then. Take away the positives (you ran for SEVENTEEN minutes!!), maybe tweak your route, keep it slow and steady and go for it.

    Btw, my W6R3 "failure" was on Easter Sunday, so just over a week ago. Seems like a lifetime ago because I've done that run three times successfully since then. And if I can do it, anyone can.

  • Don't worry, I had a bad run yesterday and had to stop after 8 minutes (I felt so unfit) so today I was really nervous about running 25 minutes outside (w6r3 I ran on my treadmill). It was a much better run, once I found the 'zone' at about 15 minutes I felt like I could run forever. Just shows what a difference a day makes. You will be fine :) 

  • Just another voice to add that 17 minutes when you've been running on very little sleep and not eating right today is most definitely NOT a failure.  It's setting you up for your next run.

    If you're needing the boost, see if you can pick a flatter route that you're familiar with and maybe haven't run for a couple of weeks - you might just surprise yourself by how far you've come already!

  • Hey Vicky

    As others have said, you've just put 17 minutes more running into your legs! What's not to like? :-)

    Seriously though, a good night's sleep and eating well are key to a good run. It's surprising how many over look that.

    Good luck for the next run!


  • Vicky, well done on 17 minutes you still ran for a whole 17 minutes don't be to disappointed i am sure you will bounce back from this. Good luck with your next run.

  • Oh poor you! It isn't the end of the world though. Next time will be better and everyone has rubbish runs. That 17 minutes is still more valuable than none at all and shows determination in the face of a challenge. 

    Don't give up, you're doing so well!

  • Well done VickyB - well done for 17 minutes. With hills! I have this run tomorrow and there is not even going to be 0.00001% of a gradient if I can help it! Sounds like you had everything against you but great work for just getting out there. We're still learning so much about ourselves in terms of what we can and can't do and under what circumstances. Strike this one off, and hopefully you'll be feeling on top of the world for your next run :D

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments. Definitely sticking to my usual route tomorrow when I attempt again :) 

    Just need to get in a positive frame of mind again & try to get some sleep. Financial year end at work so added stress & sleepless nights.

    Well done everyone that has completed their runs this week x

  • Less than you expected, maybe - but 17 minutes instead of nothing is still a sizeable achievement! It is harder to run when you are tired and when your energy has been sapped by emotional crises, so what you did achieve is all the greater considering the challenges you were facing. 

    In addition, running up hills - I mean, what??? I have a theory (made up just this second) that 1 minute of running up a hill equals 3 minutes of running on the flat - so perhaps another factor to take into account when assessing your run. 

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