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Epic fail!!!!!!!


How can you fail on week 1 run 2? dare you ask. Well I can tell you. I waited for my husband to come home from work. I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my trainers on. I'd figured I was going to run round a football field. Husband said I'm going out in 15 mins I said I was going to be half an hour. So off I trot. Get to the park and some young lads parked in a car. Oh no! I think but still I go. By the 3rd run I'm really stugging. Calves killing me. Can't breath great. Then a thought came in my head. Oh my god what if they are filming me struggling and put it on face book. That was is I finished run 4 and qu it. I'm now in the bath thinking how stupid I am. I need to get a grip. But I pledge to start week 1 again next week.

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That's a big gremlin* you have there. Ok, worst case scenario is they filmed you and put it on Facebook. Do you know what most people would think? God, that woman is amazing because she's running. She's not sitting on a sofa stuffing her face with junk, but she's brave enough to get out there and start doing something bl**dy fantastic for her body, mind and soul.

So, next time lock up that gremlin and all the others and tell them to f**k off and let you get on with changing your life. Remember you are amazing and you will do this thing. We're all behind you. Go girl.

*gremlin - the devil that sits on our shoulder and tells us we are never going to do this thing


You poor thing! It really does get to you, doesn't it? Your run was not a fail, you got out there and you ran - how many people stayed on the couch with a packet of crisps/biscuits and a beer/glass of wine etc? You want to do this and you will! And you know what I would have thought about those lads? Even if they are filming me and put it on Facebook/YouTube - SO WHAT? They don't know my name, unlikely that anyone I know will ever see it and if they do they will be proud of me (if they are my friends). And if they're not my friends they're probably judging me anyway with or without running. I am doing this for me and my family. So stuff them😈


Hi there,

Well done for starting the program and doing your first run. That is an achievement.

Some runs are tougher than others but they all play a part in getting you fitter.

It is hard running outdoors in front of people to start with---but I promise you will get used to it.

Also it is easy to think that everyone is looking at you but in reality I think most people are wrapped up in their own worlds.

You did your first run so you should be proud--well done :)


echoing what others have said, but I don't see this as a failure, I see it as a victory of getting out there in the first place!

Sure, a lot of us are self conscious but at the end of the day - who really cares?

Ultimately you got out the door and ran, nothing can take that away. OK, so you didn't do as well as you wanted but hey, You. Got. Out. The. Door. And. Ran :-).

If the public viewing is a barrier have you considered running and at less sociable hours or a treadmill? Outdoor running has many advantages (fresh air, not-uniform surfaces, watching the world go by etc.) but not enough to cause debilitating anxiety.

Anyway, CONGRATS! on your second run :-).


Fingers are in my ears and my eyes are closed, cant see or hear the F word 😉no such thing, we have early finishes for many reasons..

You did amazingly well to be out there giving a real good go 👏👏👏👏

What ever the lads were doing, the point is they were the ones in the car while you were doing something very positive for yourself 😊

The mental side of this is just as important as The physical, you will get stronger on both counts.

No need to feel anything other than pride as you have donebyhe hardest part already, i would not re start but carrynon with run 3 again, I am sure this time you will rock it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and come back stronger for your next run ☺


Totally agree with what the others have said - you should be proud that you got out there! Time to beat those gremlins in to submission and next time they raise their ugly heads when you're doing something so important for you, just think of all of us on here and what we would say! 👏👏👏👏We will get you round! Hopefully your calves will feel better after a rest day and then remember to just take it really steadily. Good luck!🙂


Keep going don't let this run put you off. The first runs are tough because it's all new and your body doesn't like it (at least mine didnt) also its hard when others are around and you feel they are judging you. I bet they are not though, most people are just not that interested in others they don't know. I go out weekends and after work and often see the same people around. Some smile most don't make eye contact. Occasionally I see a child and they always look at me so I say I'll get the hang of this one day or just wave at them. Twice I have seen a runner and they looked at me encouragingly probably remembering when they found it hard too. Maybe go out same time each run then you will get used to who is around. Hope you stay with the programme.


Can only echo what Irish Princess has said.

When out and about, 90% of people have no interest in what you are up to and of the remaining 10%, the vast majority are supportive or in admiration. The small minority that aren't are not worth the sweat on your brow.

You will be just fine.


Hi there, glad to meet you :)

I'm going to be honest here, and I hope it comes out right (sometimes I do a Winnie the Pooh and the idea that was inside looks all strange when it leaves my mouth).

The feeling I get from this post (and from some previous posts too) is that you have to sit down with yourself - right now - and tell yourself that you love yourself unconditionally. That you believe in yourself. Be your own best friend, and talk to yourself like you were your own best friend. Would you allow your best friend to back down on one of the bravest decisions she'd ever made because she was worried about what a few kids would think? I'm ready to bet you wouldn't. ;)

Don't wonder what "people" think, don't worry what "people" might say. You're getting in a flap about this, but chances are they didn't even notice you - it took me a while to realise that I was creating my own stress when I felt self-conscious running, because I was just another person in spanking new trainers. What other people think is their problem; you alone can decide if you will allow other people to affect your life or not. In six month's time you can either still be treading water whilst you worry about the opinions of people you neither know nor care about, or you can be kicking ass and feeling proud of yourself. Which is better? So switch off your social antennae, stick your earbuds in, and be your own best friend. End of lecture, hope it's not too invasive... Keep us posted!

KaydenmummyGraduate in reply to mfamilias

What I needed. Thank you. I'm going to have a sit down and have a word. Also I'm going to try again tommorow. Thank you


Thanks everyone. You all talk Alot of sense I could do with you all in my ear whilst I'm going it. There's an idea all the comments in your ear whilst running. Thanks again guys. Xxx


Listen to her majesty Irishprincess ... she is right!

Kick the gremlins into touch... what do they know. You go for it!

Everyone here will help... really they will.. so many folk have felt like this... and as they cruise past the couch sitters and the scoffers in a few weeks time... they feel awesome!

You can do this :)

It's just a hiccup - it's understandable you felt uncomfortable but you still did it and you'll get out there again. I have had to re-do runs a number of times but it's no hardship. You'll nail it next time.


Keep going and don't worry about any one else. You are fab xx


Not a fail. Loads of us really struggled with the first few runs and having an audience is the last thing we want. Never mind, go for it next week. You soon won't care who you meet on your runs.


Hang on, you don't need to start Week 1 again - you've completed one session in full the other day, so you only need to repeat it twice more (don't forget about having a non-running day in between each session)

I don't think you were stupid... that was an unnerving experience for most beginners, so easy to go too fast when you think people might be watching.

And at this stage, your run was a success. You could well not have got out there at all... you might not have been in your trainers, you might not have had a plan, you might have said "Oh, OK" when your husband said he was going out in 15 minutes and not gone at all. But you were ready to go, you did know where you were going, you did stick to that plan and you did half the session. You did all the hardest things.

You clearly have very little confidence in yourself right now... certainly nothing like as much as you deserve to have... there could be all sorts of reasons for that. But it doesn't matter because the thing about this forum is that we'll do the confidence bit for you for now, all you have to do is get your togs on and get out there when it is time for the next time.


Hi Kayden

I can only second the excellent comments already given. We all felt self conscious at the start, I used to absolutely stress myself out about the thought that I may see someone I knew and that they would collapse in fits of laughter at me going out running ! The first time I did see someone I knew, they were full of praise and said that they wished they had the guts to do it .

When I had to wear braces , I remember saying to my Mam, " What will people think ? " and she said " Don't worry, theyre more bothered about the boils on their ars*s , than thinking what you look like " Ha ha :-D

I can totally understand your nervousness though with those lads, but if they did film you , I think it says more about them and their lack of basic humility and I think most people would feel the same as us and say " Good on ya for getting up off your bum and giving it a go ! "

When you think about it, what does it matter what people you don't know and may not ever see again, MAY think ? You are doing this for YOU , YOU have got out there and you have run !

Enjoy the rest of your weekend , and definitely give it another go on Monday. We are all with you , were in this together !

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Exactly, what if they were filming? What's the worst that can happen? A bunch of people you probably don't know could see you running and they might find it hilarious, so what? Why should you care about what they might think? "Stick and stones can break my bones..."

And this is only the "worst" scenario; most likely they did not even take any notice of you.

When you run you're not breaking the law and you're not doing anything wrong; why should you be ashamed of yourself then? If anything, you should be proud.


You did well because you run 4 times the Oval. Don't put yourself down, you did not fail. Unfit people must be jealous of what you can do, even if it is 4 rounds. Good on you.


Just do it (wise words Nike), try not to worry about other people. I have fallen over during a run, run with my running leggings on inside out andhad a homeless guy give me double thumbs up ,was he being encouraging or sarcastic? Who knows and does it matter? Try to enjoy the process you have two runs to do on week 1 not 3 unless you feel you need to repeat run 1.

If I can do it you can :-) I encountered a couple of youths on bike's yesterday, probably about 14-15 years old who gave me a very cheery hello as I spluttered past. Last night's run truly restored my faith in the youth of today & myself.

Good luck, you can do it

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