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Epic fail


So I thought I would do as people advised and run for fun... post c25k run #1... I tried looking at different routes and don't really have a plan... I did 3k in 20mins and gave up... I think it was because it was getting muddy and I had just washed my trainers after the last run... hope this isn't a sign of a downward spiral!?!?

Also if I just want to exercise, be fit and lose a bit of weight what do people think I should do for 3 runs a week? Is there an optimum?

Though I would have moved on from this forum but I don't think I can lol

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3k still a good run😊So well done why not experiment do 2 runs at 3km & 1 longer run. You are doing brilliant enjoy your runs & if you can keep to 3 runs a week i think thats great & after a few weeks see if you want to orogress to running faster or doing longer runs. This is your journey & enjoying it for your reasons & benefits is perfect 😊


You did great!

I can run up to 11k now, but i often do a 3k steady run if thats what I feel like on the day. Its my fall back distance. Every run counts!

Its entirely up to you what you do now, but dont waste your achievement by not running, youve done the hard work!

I would aim to get out two to three times a week. Run at least 3k but a little longer for one run a week. See how you go!

Mix it up a bit, new routes etc.

Also join park run, its an easy way to do your longer weekly run and really enjoyable.

Why not register for a 5 k run too! Keep yourself motivated!

You are doing grand runner!


We don't use the 'f' word on here...you know that :) ...folk have blips, practice runs set backs whatever...:)

The run you did, post Graduation, ( go get your badge by the way :)), you say was intended as a fun run, no plan, no thought of time or distance? Yet, you think you had an epic '***, because you did, what in my book is a very speedy 3K, and then you stopped?

Although you mention wanting just to exercise and being fit, ( which you are doing :)), you are clearly still focusing on speed and time. Yep, you are, which is fine, unless you are still going to let it bother you, like your post suggests? Let that go for a bit maybe?

You had a great speedy little run; brilliant... One done, loads to go.

Carry on running, maybe next time, go through the mud, it can be great fun, messy,but fun :) Then maybe, do another one and take time to look around and see what is happening... ? Slip some consolidation runs of 30 minutes in, slow and steady and see where you get to. Three runs a week, rest days, core strength exercise, resistance and other exercise on those days. Then, think about how you do want to progress and that will be the time to look for other paths to follow?

This is your journey... you do it your way, but it is going to be so much better if you are enjoying it? You have moved on; you have done your first post graduation run, celebrate it :)

I think you're being too hard on yourself. A 20 minute run is great. All you need to do at this stage is to get into a habit of running three times a week. Aim for 30 minutes per run and just play around with that for a while and get used to it.

Once you're comfortable with that (and this bit can take months) then you can mix it up a bit and try running faster or longer or on hilly routes or whatever takes your fancy. There really is no hurry as it sounds as if you want this running thing to be a part of your life now. In that case keep going.

Healthy eating and cross training/strengthening exercises on rest days will complement your running and you'll start to notice your body change shape and tone up. Patience is key and will reap huge dividends in the long term.

Would you have called it that pre-C25K? No, you would be shouting from the rooftops I RAN THREE KM!!!!


Im struggelling with the heat but think ...ten weeks ago running for three minutes was a huge step up from week one

Keep going


Not quite sure I get the bit about moving on from this forum, we're not paid advisers, we're a family that supports each other. Why would you want to move on from that? No thoughts of supporting others in their turn?

Jbk1981Graduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Unsure of the etiquette... I had thought you naturally moved forums... kind of like leaving primary school and just going back for a visit once you graduate high school? 😜

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to Jbk1981

So who do you think is helping the new runners then? Lol! Of course, it's up to you, there are forums here on HU for bridge to 10K, walking, and Marathon distance too, most of us use all of them. I graduated nearly 3 years ago, I got so much help when I was new, I think it's nice to stick around and pass that on.

runlikeagirlGraduate in reply to Jbk1981

Actually I think you have raised a valid point Jbk1981 re where to go after graduation. When I was an 'under grad' I really appreciated the knowledge of the dozen or so senior grads that post here (I don't think there are many more than that who have stuck around the forum to be honest?). I also really appreciated the camaraderie of those going through the programme with me at the time. As an undergrad it was the wisdom of the long term runners and my fellow undergrads that I was drawn to, but I graduated three weeks ago and don't really feel a part of 'the family' anymore. I've had a look at some of the names of those that went through the programme with me and they haven't posted for a few weeks either. I can't speak for them but maybe like me they are just trying to get on with it and have no specific questions to ask? I've read a few post grad report backs but they receive little attention (which is fair enough of course as this forum is to support those to get to 30mins/5k!) With regards to me advising and supporting others, I haven't got a great deal of wisdom to offer at this stage and still feel the need for moral support myself! I can see why people drift away from this forum and might lose motivation, which is why I plan to join a newbie running group. I would love there to be a post grad to bridge forum! When I have garnered some wisdom and experience I'll be happy to pass it on :)


I haven't graduated yet, but I worry I'll lose motivation after week 9, so I've already downloaded the + c25k podcast, essentially it's the next step after graduating, I'm hoping it will give me some structure as I do lack discipline sometimes!! Good luck, and keep on keeping on. X

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