W6R3 Failed to plan

So what's that saying, people don't plan to fail but fail to plan?? Yep well that would be me, grrr.

I sent off a little late this morning 7:30am but all felt great. In fact the 1st run went so well I was actually enjoying myself - Yep get me, enjoying a run. So being the smart **** I am I thought I would try out a new route for the 2nd run. I hadn't actually walked the route. I hadn't actually mapped the run. But hey I thought I could run the route!! As I turned the corner I realised I'd made a massive mistake. Facing me was a killer hill, not suprising as I live in Yorkshire.

Oh I thought never mind I'll cut through that field and rejoin the road. Ummmmm, well the field turned out to be pretty steep and the grass hadn't been cut for a while. I manged about 10 step before having to slow to a walk. I walked the rest of the way up the hill as I couldn't find the strength to resume running. Once at the top I started to run again but by then I'd lost my mojo and the run was really horried. Laura telling me I was halfway through didn't help as I knew I wasn't. I have no idea how much of the 2nd run I managed but it wasn't 10mins.

I'm really gutted as this is the 1st run I've failed to do and I only failed becasue I didn't plan. I know if I'd gone my normal run I would have managed it. Oh well I'll redo it on Wed and this time I will stick to my trusted known route!!

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  • Commiserations on the killer hill, I know how you feel. Don't be gutted, let it go and just do it again, a day here or there is nothing when you've got as far as Wk6R3!

  • I know your suki_007 but I was rather enjoying the glowing feeling when I thought that allthough its been hard I've managed it all. Well that will teach my pride ;-)

  • I can only sympathise, as you know, I did the same thing yesterday. Today I ache all over. I worked out I did a 5 mile round trip! Most of it flipping walking, think I only ran 1 3/4 miles at the absolute max. I live in Yorkshire too and there's just no stretch of more than about 2 miles round here that doesn't involve the dreaded hills. Might try out the treadmill later this week. Trouble is, I love being outside, trotting past the sheep etc and looking at the scenery. Hills are one of my projects for after graduation.

    Good luck for tomorrow, it'll be fine

  • Lol, I'm getting very good at working out routes around the base of those hills. Like you I prefer outside. I don't know, but treadmill running doesn't appeal to me at all. It's bit like those exercise bikes, a lot of sweating not to go anywhere.

  • Definitely!

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