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Epic Fail: W4R3

So this morning I got dressed, set up my music and was ready to start my treadmill run.

The first sign where I should have noticed that something was not right was the first three minute run. it seemed an eternity - but i made it to the end. The 90 second walk which followed felt more than 9 secs.

OK - so here comes the 5 minute run. I lasted 2 -1/2 minutes. I couldn't do another second. I had cramp in my calves, but that's happened before and I've run through it. Not sure if it was boredom or the change in time. I normally do my training in the early morning (6:30am) before work. It's about 10am now and I've had breakfast already.

I've given in and will give it another shot tomorrow. Hopefully this will go better. The first two runs this week were difficult, but I had a sense of satisfaction when it was done. Hopefully I'll have that feeling tomorrow.

Wish me luck as I really want to start Week 5 ... or should I repeat Week 4 next week?

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Let your body decide... not your brain (lol).

I remember those WAS really difficult to keep going...felt like my lungs were being ripped out and both legs had turned into tree trunks. Fun, yeh?

Make sure you are rehydrating well...not only on "run days", but rest days also...calf cramps are sometimes a sign of dehydration.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h....a little before and again AFTER you run, and on your rest day (after you've been up and moving around for a while). There is no hard evidence that it will make you a better runner, but I find it does make those tired muscles feel better.

Be proud of deserve a pat on the back for getting off the couch and giving C25K a go. Keep up the good work, take it at your own pace, this isn't a "race", it's the first step of the journey of the rest of your life.


Thanks Grammadog1947.

Let you body decide ... not your brain. I like that and will take it to heart.

Re cramping, I already drink a lot of water but will try adding more (if possible) and see if the situation changes.

*Pat on back* done ... now on to housework ... eewww ...


....there's always the distinct possibility also that your muscles are just plain tired from all this new of luck to you


Out it down to having an off day, carry on and try not to think about it, you will surprise yourself, good luck with the rest of the programme :)


That's Pat. I'm going to attempt W3 again from the beginning. Will let you know how it goes.


oops! Just re read my post!!! PUT!!!! I have just been for a 30 minute jog, It was hot, uncomfortable and I hated it but it feels good now that I'm done ;)


Not to worry Pat ... i got the jist of your message. Congrats on the 30 minute run ... that's my goal.


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