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W6R3 - FAIL !!

I'm not sure why I even tried this run today although to be fair I went out in a really positive mood. I had been away and had to complete the run today, I rushed back and tried to make sure that I had drunk a lot on the way home as I knew it was hot.

I even made sure I ate a banana before I went out but perhaps too close to going out. I felt ok for the first 10 mins although I developed a stitch in both sides after a few minutes. I managed to run over 15 mins but could go on no further, no matter what I tried to tell myself.

I stopped and caught my breath and then ran for a further 4 mins before stopping again. I then managed another 4 mins before realising it was simply not going to happen.

I thought I'd be proper gutted but actually when I thought about it realised that if I'm gonna fail a run then this is the one to fail as you repeat it 3 times in week 7, if I can do it then I'm happy and I set out at midday as we had visitors later and it was unbelievably HOT !!! I have never run in such heat and even pouring my water over me made no difference. I could feel the banana sitting in my stomach and should have probably eaten it alittle earlier than just before I walked out the door.

I've got an awful week in terms of runs this week, long full week of shifts and a wedding in Ireland at the weekend - not ideal but if I can get through this week then I'll be on the home strait !!

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Poor you - but like you say there's always a next time with this run. Maybe you had too much banana - I've noticed when the tennis players have some it's always just one or two bites and then they leave it till the next break. I try to wait an hour after my frosties but they sometimes talk back to me even so - today I had one small piece of bread 45 mins before going and that was fine, I'm still fighting my way thro W7. You can fix the food thing and go when it's not so hot, and I'm sure you'll make it next time. You still had the training effect from today so it wasn't wasted time even if you didn't do the 25 mins. And if you have a stressy week maybe you should go out for a run for just for fun once or twice - if you make 25 mins, great, if you don't, no problem. I think (I hope!!) when we get to this stage we'll finish sometime, barring accidents and injuries.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Thanks this, the more I thought about it the more youre right. I stuffed a whole banana down but they do only have a bite !!

I do think it was because it was so hot, it took me about 5 hours to feel hydrated again !! Definately not running when it's that hot again. Youre right about going out for fun. I've been finding it stressful thinking about when I'm going to fit the runs in but really it doesn't matter.

I'm going to give it a go tomorrow morning so we'll see how it goes - good luck fighting youre way through W7 ;-)


Ca66ie99, by my calculations, you ran for 23 minutes! Yes, it was 2 minutes short, and yes a few breaks but you did great!

The heat can absolutely drain you, so to run 23 minutes in that is a great achievement.

I think Mitts has the right idea by suggesting a few "fun" runs for your busy week ahead, and don't worry if it takes you a bit longer than 9 weeks; it's the progress that counts more.

Enjoy the wedding in Ireland - I'm from N.Ireland and we know how to throw a good wedding!


Thanks for your support, I think that was why I wasn't as disheartened as I thought I might be. I was only 2 mins short and looking back I can't think why I even attempted to run as it was soooooooo hot. I do believe I would have made it if it had been cooler.

I am going to attempt the run again tomorrow, if I complete it then I'm going to call it W7, if I don't then I'm going to re-do W6 and take it from there.

The wedding will be a drunken one I'm sure !!!


sounds like you did pretty well - much better than me. I've tried week 6 run 3 5 times and failed each time for various reasons, mostly too hot. Managed 21 minutes once but las couple of times didn't even get past the halfway mark. I'm sure you'll manage it next time. My attempt number 6 tomorrow - sigh


Good luck for tomorrow. I'm attempting the run tomorrow so we'll see, fingers crossed for us both ;-)


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