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W7R1....with a little help from hubby

So yesterday I decided to try an outdoor run on my own as my last two had felt too easy on the treadmill. What a fail it was! My usual outdoor route was so muddy I felt like I was hopping more than jogging, I managed 8 minutes then had to stop. I carried on running/walking up to 22 minutes. 

It really knocked my confidence but I was determined to start week 7 with a big tick. My hubby and son arrived home at 2am this morning after a lads weekend away in Spain. After telling them my story hubby decided he would accompany me today. 

I picked a flatter route on pavement which I knew would take me roughly the 25 minutes. So off we went, I took it nice and steady really not sure that I could do the full 25 minutes. The first 10 minutes seemed to go quite slowly but I seemed to hit that barrier you have to push through at about 15 minutes. I felt quite good after that and at 20 minutes started to pick up the pace a bit. I finished the 25 minutes having run 3.5 km. Slow and steady but I can work on speed later.

I have learnt now that even if you have a bad day the next can be completely the opposite. I feel happy and a bit more confident now about my next run :) Fingers crossed! 

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Great stuff - I faced a few "dodgy" runs over the past couple of weeks too, but with hindsight, none of them are really failures - just training for your next run.  Going from treadmill to outdoors does mean that you're tackling a few different things that you wouldn't normally (the weather, running round corners, varying hills, etc.), so glad to hear that you nailed it on the 25 minute run.


Thank you! I've got my first park run on Saturday which will be run 3, I just hope it's going to be quite flat! 

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You're braver than me!  I'm leaving my local park run until after I've graduated and got a few more kilometres logged.


Well done - a good run often follows a difficult one. It can feel harder outside, but much more rewarding. Good luck with parkrun!


Well done great run it's amzing 


Hey great! This run went well, who cares about the one before?


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