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Oh what a beautiful morning - W7R1

After the worse night my baby girl has had for a while (I was up 5 times with her, poor little love has a cold) I really didnt feel like getting up and going out for the first of week 7's runs. I toyed with the idea that maybe I'd be better off doing it in the evening....I knew if I decided that I wouldn't probably get the chance.

So 6.30am and I just get ready, eat a banana have some squash and off I go. 5 minute warm-up, during which I was already thinking with a defeatist attitude knowing I had a straight 25min run ahead.

Should I have just stayed in bed??

No, I had a really great run, slightly changed my route, included a new footpath into a figure 8 route. Didn't seem to hear Laura as much today, but really started to focus and enjoyed the run, heard 12.5minute marker and felt really proud of myself and that boosted me to carry on.

Used my cycling gloves today, glad I did as it was a bit chilly.

Total running distance of 1.94miles in the 25minutes. Gives me an average pace of 12.5mins a mile. Steady and slow as always.

3.1km, so not going to hit 5km in 30minutes but running steady for that continually will such an amazing feeling, 5km will come.

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Fantastic bet you're glad you summoned up the energy this morning :)

Hope your little girl is better soon :)


Hope your gal is better soon. Well done you for getting out of the door and succeeding! I'm dreading the big runs. Might just stick to week 5 run 1 for a bit!! x


Well done, it feels good when you've made the effort so early in the day, doesn't it ? Hope your littl'un is better soon.


Impressed with the 6.30am start on a Sunday. It's runs like these ones that remind you why you are doing it!

Hope your little un is better soon and you all get a better nights sleep tonight


Sounds like you're doing great! Amazing that you can get yourself out of bed at that time on a Sunday, that should really make you proud.

Hope the girl will feel better soon :)


Well done! As you say, slow and steady does it!


gloves... Now why didn't I think of that... :) hope you and the little one have a more restful night


Well done you for getting out after a disrupted night's sleep. With that sort of dedication you are bound to make it! :-)


Very impressive that you just went and did it - glad you were rewarded with such a good run! :)


That is amazing, the last thing I would probably have done after a night like that would be to get up and run! Hope the little one is better soon.


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