Injured knees just before the 10k run 😢

So last week I kept rowing indoors and walking, as my knees hurt so much that I struggle to carry my own weight. Tomorrow I will call the GP and started ibuprofen. In just 2 weeks it's the Brighton marathon opening event, a 10k route that I am in. I really want to do it even if I have to walk and be forced to stop if I'm out of time, but even walking seems to kill my knee. I feel a bit like a failure, but making exercise an everyday routine, such as eating, makes me forgive myself in such times. I am everyday at Preston park with my sons so if anybody is around and wants to catch up and arrange a veeeery slow run together, please let me know. It may help us cope better as a team. 

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  • Your knees hurt so much that you struggle to carry your own weight but you are rowing, walking and running? Why?

    You don't mention what happened to cause the injury to your knees but I can't think of any knee injuries that are improved by piling more load bearing or hingeing exercise on. Rest your knees. Elevate them. Put ice packs of for 10 minutes four times a day. Get some compression sleeves. 

    You have more chance of doing your 10k if you can bear your own weight.

  • 9 days ago I did a 5k with no problems (apart from being reaaaallly tired) and 2 days later, on the 27th of March I did an other 5k but this time after a 3k walk with my sons, so in total it was more like an 8k. In the last 2k I felt my knees hurting on the inside so I slowed down but I decided to finish my 5k. After that, I felt pain for 2 days but bearable. I was rowing which had no impact on my knees. It even makes them feel more comfortable for a reason. I walked then again around 10k in about 2-3 hours with my sons and my hubby so after that the pain came again more intense. It never went completely away but it is normal as I never fully rested my knees. On Friday I just picked up my son from nursery, pushing the pram with my youngest, just for 1k in total (I came straight back home) so I had to sit all day with my feet elevated with ice packs and ibuprofen. It got really worse for no apparent reason. Yesterday we went for a walk to Hove park which is pretty close and did about 3.5k in total and I came back with my knee in massive pain. I could not even sleep last night until I got ibuprofen to kill the pain. I understand that I need to rest as much as possible but it will not be an option since I have to pick up my son from nursery every day and take them to the park a bit to run around. But tomorrow I am calling the GP to see how bad it is and try to rest as much as possible and fingers crossed, I can get away with rest and ibuprofen. But really rowing helps me keep active with zero impact. Maybe the strain is in such a place that is not affected cause the days that I do not walk, even if I row the knees get better. Weird, isn't it? 

  • Definitely best to get advise from your doc or see a sports physio  ... I suffered a knee injury last year that didnt hurt when I ran only when i went downstairs ?? 

    Was finally diagnosed and resolved with the help of a physio, not saying yours is anything like that but had to stop running or do any activities :( 

    Hope you get to the bottom of your knee problem and can recover as soon as possible :) 

  • When I go downstairs or down a hill indeed it seems worse. I have no big problem walking upstairs. I used to have knee problems when I was doing track and field in my school years so I expected some problems in general. I put on 35 kilos after the pregnancies so my poor legs are hating me right now. :p 

  • Fingers crossed you get a positive diagnosis  :) 

  • Do like Rig tells - or you end up like me....

  • I will try to rest as much as possible but I cannot avoid walking unfortunately. We will see after the GP appointment what is the verdict. Did you end up with serious injury?

  • I am the same, and I cannot stop working as that would mean zero income (I am not in the UK and being part-time self employed means I get nothing ...) and the 10 hours I am employed I work as a baker - standing and lifting heavy flour bags.

    have a I posted this a couple of weeks ago -

  • Hope you get well soon and that colleagues help you with the flour. It's just an other challenge that we will conquer. :)

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