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My next 10k run

Hello all again.

I havent been on here for some time really. I think I posted just before my first 10k race. I did the Brighton 10k in april and what an amazing day that was. I managed it with a little walking at times in 1hr 9mins. Which I was ecstatic about. So after that have managed to get talked into doing another 10k on 1st june. So just under 3 weeks to go.

So I have really been pushing myself now as really want to run this whole race. So I have been going out and doing many 5k runs and have got my time down to 32mins. I am so pleased with this. Never thought I would get this far. On monday went out and run 8k with no silly walking and managed it in 52 mins. I am so over the moon with my progress. So am thinking my next challenge will be a 10 mile race. Onwards and upwards.

Keep running one and all. This has been my life line lately. Have been going through hell at the moment. In the middle of seperating and moving. So need this right now. Good luck to you all

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Well done for getting this far, all your hard work is paying off. Glad to hear that the running is helping you through such a difficult time. Hope the move goes smoothly and that the separation is bearable. Take care of yourself.


Thank you for your kind words. It does definitely seem to be paying off and more so I am really enjoying it. The separation is goung ok and the move is just a mess but we'll get there soon I hope. Thanks again x


if you wont to get your 10k time down try running 11 or 12 k at normal pace you should see it come down good luck


Thank you for your advice. I will take it on board. I am still new to this running malarkey.


Having done several now, I find 10k to be, strangely, more enjoyable than 5k. I always put myself under pressure to push hard for the whole way on a 5k, whereas on a 10k, I tend to run a more even, measured pace and as a consequence over time I reduced my time by 11 minutes (63 minutes and change now) by gradually increasing the pace run by run and having enough left in the tank for the last 800m 'big finish' at the end.


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