10k Run!

Just entered a 10k run this summer! What?!?!?? Crazy as I can't even run 30 mins is a row, in fact I haven't done any running in 2 weeks due to ill health!

But I can totally do this, right?! The run is not until July so plenty of time and a concrete goal is always a good thing. Hopefully I will be able to do some fund raising through it too.

Wish me luck :)


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14 Replies

  • You can totally do this!!! Just keep running and you'll be fine. Lots of time to prepare before July.

    You can always run-walk the race if you prefer that.

  • AND I should add it's great to have a goal. I signed up for a 5 k before I started the program. It ensures you stay on track. ;)

  • Of course you can do it, I struggled at week 1, and now my final run at week 5 was an absolute breeze. This is why the c25k program is so good for beginners the progression levels are perfect each week.

  • You can definitely do it. I signed up for my 1st 10km about 3 months before the date and I could just about do 5km. You can either follow a plan (my asics is good) or gradually increase 1 of your weekly runs. For me having something to aim for is a great incentive to keep going. I've run in 3 10km races now and I've found fellow runners to be friendly and it's been fun. Keep us posted on your progress & post a picture of your medal ☺

  • Hey of course you can do it! I've been hesitating entering something in September but I think a goal to aim for has to be the way to go x

  • Good luck, you can do it!

  • You can do this! I hadn't ran for about 4 months and only started running again at the start of January. I used to only run on the treadmill previously and 5k was a major struggle. With 3 runs a week (running outside) I have built myself up to 10k in the last week - I find music and focusing in my breathing really helps. When I find it tough, as I breathe out I say in my mind 'I can do this'. Put together a playlist that has uptempo music towards the 6k mark and you will keep going. Just build yourself up slowly and pop in a few shorter runs too. You have totally got this :)

  • Go for it, as others have, said, it's good to have a goal. I have just signed up for my first HM and feel the same as you, but excited also. Go for it !!!

  • Haha Catmay, yes you are crazy and I am too so that makes the two of us "crazy2" . 👀Now don't give up as I will be on your case ! My run is 11.3k in July too.

  • Yes you can do it! I've restarted the plan after a break from running, currently on week 5 and I signed up for a 10k a couple of weeks ago for the end of May. Its good to have a goal to keep your focus on. Good luck! :)

  • Take a look at actionaid.org.uk/fundraise/... lots of info on there and a couple of good training plans

  • Thank you everyone! You are the best support :)

  • Good Luck Cat !

    Yes you can do this , youve got loadsa time to train !

    Good Luck and let us know how the trainings going ! :-) xxx

  • You can do this - no problem at all! I couldn't run for a full minute last May and I have now done 5 or 6 10k runs - some easier than others but all were completed! Go for it!

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