10k run

10k run

Being going through family problems for the last couple of weeks. went out last night to do a longish run. Well you can't run and think at the same time. The run seemed easy and over very quickly (though the pace was nothing special). It'll be my last run before the weekends shenanigans.

A group from the local parkrun are doing 8 parkrun courses in a day next Saturday. I'm going to do 3 for sure and 4 if I feel up to it. If I do 4 i'll do the extra 1.something k to complete a HM come hell or high water.

I'm feeling excited but worried. I've done three in a day, and even 15k in a single run, but this will be my longest ever run. Hopefully the breaks will allow me to recover, but maybe just give me time for my legs to seize up.

OMG they all look so fit but me:(


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21 Replies

  • Gosh - that's a challenge. I'm sure if you pace yourself you'll do great. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • looking forward to it and fearing it at the same time. thanks

  • Brilliant Ray , Well done for taking up the challenge !

    You have been putting the work in , so it should be do-able . Bloody hard , but do-able ! :-)

    Good Luck and let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx

  • I'll be posting Saturday evening if I can still type :)

  • Ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • They look very orange too.......

  • The t-shirt looks quite bland - should have got a vest

  • wow, that is some running :D , go for it we can do more then we think we can :D

  • I know I can do 3 (the first 3), cos I've done that in training, but hoping I'll be able to get my legs up and rest, then go to the last one for 4. Then the extra KM which might be the killer,

  • A distilled alternative version of this kind of story would be: if you can run 60 seconds, you can build up to run 5km eventually; if you can run 5km, you can reach 10km; if you reach 10km, you can reach 15km; if you can reach 15, you can do 20 ... 30 ... 40 ... 50 ... 60 ... 80 ... 89 (and in South African terms, that's the Comrades Marathon, which passes close by here every year).

    Of course we all know that realistically speaking 50km is impossible. ... but you never know ... (or a c25k veteran would start to say ... hmm ... you never know, hey ...)

  • last November I couldn't run for a minute but wished I could run a HM. Be careful what you wish for :)

  • They tricked you! :-)

  • Good on you! Lovely idea doing so with a group of people that already run together 😊 looking forward. To read about it, happy running!

  • thanks Pigivi.

  • Hmm - next month I will be doing a HM which is 4 laps of one of the local parkrun courses. I "think" I will be able to finish it. BUT -- I don't know if I would have what it takes to do 1 parkrun , then travel to another one , then travel to another one, etc !! :) That WOULD be tough!

  • You'll finish it, you've done the training. Doing the separate runs might be difficult, it's certainly different, but I have done some training too.

    We'll both get past the finish line, even if we have to crawl over it!!

  • That's a challenge and a half. Good luck I am sure you will ace it. As you say that will keep your mind busy as well. Happy running.

  • thanks RFC.

  • What a great idea -a HM with intervals to allow for recovery (and aches and twinges of course, but we're not at home to them!!) Very very best of luck. It's a brilliant and inspired challenge and I'm sure you're going to love it. Just wrap up well between runs to make sure you don't get cold. Can't wait to hear how you get on :)

  • Gonna take an old track-suit to keep warm between races. Clean socks, and a clean shirt for every race. And three sets of trainers - two for the road and one set for trail. Also some gels, lots of water, and some snacks to be decided. I do a nice Yorkshire Parkin, which I think may be just the ticket between runs. Thanks.

  • That is quite a challenge - all the best.

    They guys and girls who are set to do all eight have my admiration (and sympathies).

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