Just finished week 2, not got the 'running high' though :(

Just back from the last run of week 2 and it wasn't as easy as I hoped. My calves were hard and my feet felt heavy so I wasn't enjoying it...I powered through and completed it but I am not particularly excited about week 3. Everyone say's it gets easier, I'm really hoping thats true.

Hoping my 'running high' comes back for the next run!


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5 Replies

  • Not all good things come easily. Well done you on completing week 2. Could you have envisaged finishing it when you first started. I don't get the high every time I run, sometimes I just feel smug and glad its out of the way. Today was W8R2 and I could have cried when I finished I was feeling really elated at only being 4 runs away from graduating.

  • You make a good point and you are right it is an achievement to get past week 2, tonight i'll just feel smug that I finished it :) Well done on completing W8R2, thats amazing. Good luck with your last 4 runs!

  • Well done, I am starting from the beginning again but i used to run a lot untill a few years agao, and I can tell you some runs you dont get that high, because your tired and your calves are tight, but that is all conditioning, and endurance work, banked for future runs. It will get easier.

  • I, too, found week 2 surprisingly tough and ended up repeating it. It was well worth doing and I found the subsequent weeks much easier.

  • I'm on week 9 and I still struggle, I never really look forward to running and at times find it hard going. In fact I am not sure whether there will ever be a time when I enjoy running or for that matter any form of physical exercise per se ... However I like the benefits that come with running - I know I'm getting faster and stronger even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, I can eat more (nom, nom, nom), I feel healthier and when I complete a run I always feel pleased with myself that I got my butt out there. So I think that's what will keep me going. Not sure if that's helpful but at least you know you're not alone I suppose :)

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