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Week 3 finished!

Well up bright and early this morning (5.30) to do run 3 - full of motivation and confidence thanks to all your words of encouragement and advice! 😀

But I am not sure where my legs were this morning, but that had to be the worst run yet, well you couldn't even call it that😳 I walked quicker than the run section. My legs just felt heavy and my calves ached, but I did what Laura said and kept going......... Should I start week 4 on Sunday (my next run day) or repeat week 3 ?

I won't give up, but also don't won't to get injured.......🤔

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Well done on completing week 3.

In my opinion as long as you complete all 3 runs in the week then you should move on. if you struggle on week 4 then you can repeat week 4 but I wouldn't repeat a week that you had finished just because you had heavy legs. I would put it down to an off day when any number of things can impact on your running. I imagine everyone has those days, I certainly do.

As I say just my opinion but I would suggest you put it behind you and move on. All the best.


Wow well done for completing wk3 and going out at 5.30am!!

Don't beat yourself up about having a not so good run, everyone has good and bad days.

As for pace, my run is not much quicker than my walk but it's running and i'm happy as long as I managed to do the times.

It's totally up to you if you repeat a week, maybe try wk4 run 1 and see how you feel? I did it on Tuesday and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was over the moon that I ran for a whole 5 mins twice x


Well done on your achievement, I am dreading the thought of 5 mins, I still can't imagine me doing it - I will keep you all posted thought.

Glad to hear it's normal to have bad run! Thanks for comments

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I think we all dread the new weeks and don't think we will do them but we do x

Look how far you've come already; I Bet when you first started you thought I'll never be able to run for 90 secs! And you've just completed week 3 x


I would agree - move on to W4 and see how it goes. I had a bad final run in either W3 or W4, I forget which, and the next week was fine. Let us know how it goes.


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