Wk 7 run 2 - Its progress but not as I know it!

Wk 7 run 2 - Its progress but not as I know it!

Hello comrades', 

I have just discovered this forum , how inspiring to read these posts. I had been very fit all my life , but the last four years saw , work and the couch , in the evening become a familair habit.  So, determined , to change that and get fitter , healthier , lose weight ( Plz) , and ultimately get more energy,  I started this journey back in January.  I could not believe how hard this would be. However, I am thrilled , that I am now running, albeit very, slowly, for 25 minutes - its incredible. I still breathe so heavily, its embarrassing running past walkers 😅😅, I can see the concern on their faces.!  But, I am detetmined to continue no matter how slow I am, as the progress from week one to now , has amazed me. I never thought I would run 25 minutes - You are never too old !    🏃🙏😅 My husband is doing this with me for support, bless him, he is a runner, and whilst I am red faced and struggling for breath, he is chatting away, effortlessly , encouraging me and to keep,going. So, more than anything , I want to be able to run, and chat back at some time in the future , without grunting at him.  😂😂😂


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7 Replies

  • Welcome aboard  Sandryna !

    Yes you are a proper RUNNER , how good is that ?

    Keep going, youre doing great !

    Keep posting ! :-) xxx

  • Welcome :)

    I found the forum on my repeat of week 4 and although I'm only 3 runs from graduating I have no plans to leave!

    Love your post and can empathise with the concerned look from others! I swear I was actually melting today and think the sweaty drips on my top may also have been mixed with a bit of dribble! Rabid beetroot lol- that got me noticed ;)

    Well done with your progress, I look forward to your posts xx

  • Thank you guys! To be honest there is no getting away from it, this is tough and just knowing there are others out there going through the same challengers, its inspiring. Also, reading those lucky peeps,who,have graduated and still motivated to just get out there and keep running. I want to be them ! 🏋🏿😂🙏

  • You will be!

  • Hmm. Whilst it is very noble and supportive of your husband to run with you, I suspect that is what is making it difficult. If you are puffing like a grampus you are running too fast. It doesn't matter if he is running slow enough for him to be singing.selections from HMS Pinafore, his conversational slow pace has nothing to do wit yours. I struggled massively with breathing during most of the programme and only got my head around 'slow enough' while 'running' around with my then 3 year old.  When you can run without sounding like a geriatric Volkswagen, then you have found the right pace. It doesn't matter if that is even slower than your walking pace. Once you have mastered the 30 mins you will have the cardio base to gradually increase the pace. And that will happen organically, without you even noticing. But for now slow down. start slow and taper down. it will make it so much easier.

  • Hi Thank you great advice🙏 Will try that on my next run!

  • Sounds like you're doing really well! Keep going but keep it good and slow.

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