Another Newbie

Hi. I'm another beginner, I did w3 r2 this morning (yay). I'm running very gingerly, trying not to trigger another bout of plantar fasciitis which I first got running on a treadmill a couple of years ago.

I'm icing  and stretching constantly and do feel a niggle or two but so far so good. Anyone have the same, and would you continue running with very slight heel pain/ pins and needles?


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  • Hi Digger, you're very welcome to this wonderful forum. Don't know much about PF, but I'm  pretty sure someone posted a link to some preventative stretches and exercises recently. You could start a new thread with planar fasciitis in the title, asking if anyone has any advice. As for the numbness, are you sure you have the right shoes for running? Running shoes have more cushioning than normal trainers, and if you heel strike when you run, that could be an issue. Also, the way you lace up your shoes can dramatically affect how your feet feel. If you Google running shoe lacing techniques, you may find a solution to your numb heels. If not, a quick visit to the doc for advice on PF and your numb heels could put your mind at rest. Very best of luck, Digger 😀

  • Well done for starting the programme; Just listen to your body and if the pain is only "slight" then go for it. Consider running twice in a week rather than three times and doing non-impact sport in between like walking or swimming so you don't trigger off another bout.

  • Thanks for those helpful replies. I'm a pro at ignoring health issues usually but in the last month I have turned into a foot-hypochondriac! I'm running in purloined bits of kit but after week one I splashed out on a pair of fancy trainers from a running shop that does gait analysis.

    I will google about lacing trainers -hadn't thought of that- and will continue to take it easy. I'm still in the first flush of enthusiasm so running less often would be disappointing, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!

  • Hi found this article maybe worth a look -

  • Thanks very much for that. I am currently up and down our step like a ballerina! I think the hardest bit is knowing when to rest and when you can manage a gentle run. I'm doing my last wk3 run in the morning and it's still pretty gentle going. I'll continue to take it easy.

  • Listen to the wise ones..get it checked out... check your shoes, and slow and really steady!

    Welcome to this wonderful running family! :)

  • Thanks very much, all advice very gratefully received! I think the shoes up to scratch (I can't believe how much I paid for them!).  I would like to see a physio, I'm currently trying to get a referral but am playing the game of phoning docs every morning at eight until I get better!

  • Love it! Maybe try lying on the GP's doorstep🙂

  • More likely doing heel drops on their doorstep!

  • I've been off running for nearly 3months now due to pf. I thought I was being clever by continuing running with it but I wasn't ! 

    Ordered to rest up and do exercises to stretch it out from physio . I'm now thinking about giving running another go soon, lost my mojo completely and disheartened that I have to start all over again 

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