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I love this forum. No negativity at all. I started looking at it a few weeks ago when my younger son started his just giving page for his London Marathon (first one). My Dad is a lifelong runner and was doing marathons in his fifties and sixties so I was starting to feel like a lost generation, but had a fear of running after joining a gym about five years ago, doing to much too soon on the treadmill and ending up with tendonitis! Anyway, since then, has just been Pilates, yoga and dog walking at the weekends( husband does it weekdays). I work as a Primary Headteacher and we have been doing lots of work with our children about Growth Mindsets and started to think I should get one myself, so here I am: week four, day one. Starting to think I may actually be able to run and is just my head needs to believe my legs can do it. Mind you is on the treadmill at the moment, but planning to head outside once I get to longer distances!


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  • Yes, this forum is great - really friendly, positive and lots of great advice from folk. Well done for getting to week four - yes, you CAN run! I started the programme in December (age54). I have always walked quite a lot and a generally active person but never tried running. I took my time and repeated some runs finally graduating at Easter! Now I am nervously looking forward to running a Race for Life 5k later in the month. 

    Hope your son got on alright running the London marathon. 

  • Thanks for your reply. It is great to get support from people who have been there and suceeded. My son did brilliantly, finishing in 2hrs 59 mins, so even more inspiration to keep going. Take care and keep going!

  • Welcome aboard Sue !

    Yes you can do this, and I agree it is very much a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge .

    Please keep posting, don't be afraid to ask anything no matter how " daft " it may seem to you, there is always someone happy to help.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks for the support! Am preparing myself for next week already when I think it will get physical as well as mental, but will stay determined! Take care.

  • I have to ask , have you got a guinea pig ? :-) xxx

  • I have!😊😆

  • We had two, Spike and Velvet, now sadly deceased. I loved the way they snuggled into your chin. Now we have a Hungarian Wire Haired Viszla, who keeps us happy and active!

  • Aw Sue, guinea pigs are so adorable !

    There you go aliboo70 :-) xxx

  • So true!

  • Yes but you can't take a Guinea pig for a walk.... Or for a run.  Shame, they do look cute.  

    Years back my husband came home with a wild piglet who got separated from his family while mining was going on. He was tiny. We set up an enclosure behind the BBQ and I also walked him on a leash to show friends and neighbours. We kept him for three days and when he started to try to charge at us we decided it would be safer to give him away to a farmer. I think it was their Xmas dinner. We had named him Ludwig. 

  • Welcome to the forum. Ooh a wire haired vizsla!  I cast envious eyes on the dog walkers in the park where I run. I really want a viszla, do you take him/her running wth you? Keep going

  • No, not yet as is early days and haven't ventured out yet. Am planning to once I get to week six, but need more confidence in what I am about before I try to do two things at the same time. They are truly wonderful dogs, though do live up to the "Velcro Dog" tag, so as long as you don't mind that when you go to the loo, she comes with you, no problem. Also, pretty mouthy as babies, but they grow out of it. Thanks for the contact!

  • Well you will have to post a photo of him/her. There are always a few vizslas and weimaraners in the park where I run. Very jealous!  Beautiful animals and yes heard the thing about Velcro dogs. 

  • I tried to add a photo when I posted, but couldn't get it to work and no children around to smile indulgently/ roll eyes to do it for me. Will have another go!

  • Ha ha , I know, I was going to see what Sue replied and then mention you ! :-)

    You could have a natter about your little fur babies :-) xxx

  • Only the one now, figpig, mummypig went to guinea pig heaven😕

  • Oh yes sorry, now  I remember you saying she had xxx

  • Well done - positive mindset is half the battle. You can do this!

  • Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Welcome Sue. We have 2 gp - Jim and Rose (my daughter names them). They're getting a bit porky due to a combination of greediness and laziness but they're a sweet pair. We had two females that and there was a lot more bickering with those two. Jim is a really nice chap, puts up with everything but needs to escape to some man cave or other for longish breaks. 

    I think you will get hooked on running after a bit Sue. Your family sounds like it needs another runner. Keep us posted and we'll see you through.

  • Oh, yes, the temptation to spoil them! Off to work in a mo and looking forward to tomorrow's run already. Can't believe I just said that. The support on here really helps!

  • Reading through the forum, I got the impression that running on a treadmill is not as hard as running outside, although outside has its rewards: fresh air, nice smells and pleasant interesting surroundings. If your weather is nice, I would go running outside.

  • You are absolutely right on that. My son has said as much already. I think I just need to build a bit more confidence and am aiming to do it at week six. It is great to have people pointing out things you do really need to hear, so thanks!

  • Good effort but you can do even better; stop thinking you "may actually be able to run" and start thinking you "will run". Actually no, that's not correct, because you are already running. 😉

    Follow the programme, believe in yourself and you are bound to succeed.

    Welcome in the runners'family!

  • Thanks for that. And, yes, you are absolutely right! I appreciate the comment very much.

  • Yay, you are over the worst bits (well the first two weeks were for me, anyway) and it sounds like you have the right mindset to get through the programme.

    So far, I have run all of my runs on the dreadmill (sic) because I lack the confidence to go outside and I live in an area that has hills - in every direction.  It has been great to build up my confidence and to get me started, but now I am on the longer runs, I plan to go outside this week.

    I see a couple of lady runners locally who have their dogs with them and I think it would be good to have the company.  Meanwhile, enjoy Laura for company and well done on getting off to a great start!

  • Great to hear from you. Know exactly what you mean as is hills on both sides from my front door and confidence definitely an issue. Like you, am resolved to do it though. Let me know when you do. I will too!

  • I did it and it was fabulous - I found it easier than the treadmill because there is a lot to look at which makes the time go faster.

    Go for it - you won't regret it!

  • Well done! I have been mentally planning route which use the hills outside my house for the five min start and end walks. Ironically, think the best one will take me past the gym! Also, thinking of what to do with phone, keys etc. hopefully, you are now part of my inspiration for the next step. Thanks.

  • Excellent, that sounds like a great idea!  I use a special running "bum bag" which also holds some water (I gasp a lot) as I really prefer to have my hands free.  Not this one, but similar:

    The hardest thing to part with was a jacket, I was a bit chilly during the warm up walk, but that did encourage me to get moving when the run started.  Of course, once I got running, I was perfectly warm.

    Oh, another benefit of running outside, as opposed to the treadmill, was being less sweaty.

    Do it, it is so much fun (I am slightly disappointed I have to wait until Saturday for my next run!

  • Thanks, will definitely check out that link. Good luck on Saturday!

  • I did it this morning! Rewarded myself with early escape from work today. Was just as you said. Feel have made a step forward! Enjoy tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!

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