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Another newbie :)

Hi everyone, I have just completed my first week tonight ~ I was stuck in a rut with some crappy things happening last year! I needed to get myself off the couch & after a harsh talking to myself I'm so happy I have done the first week. I've really enjoyed it & I was actually really looking forward to going tonight, I love going out in the dark when no one can see me huffing & puffing! Tonight I went to a place where there are loads of runners, dog walkers & it was great just seeing so many people doing the same thing as me...I think I will be a regular there. I'm looking forward to week 2 already!

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Can totally relate .... I've just started wk 3 tonight and am very grateful for the dark evenings to hide my panting !!!! Good luck with it.



I'm new to the forum just this evening too. Just wanted to say hello and well done on starting the programme. I just finished week 2 and was also loving it, but came on the forum to see if anyone has pearls of wisdom about knee injuries - am gutted as the rest of me is raring to go to week 3, but my rubbish knee isn't! Good luck with the rest of the C25K 😄 Nat


Well done! The sense of achievement after each run is fantastic you should be so proud of yourself.


Thanks guys. This forum is amazing & is definitely helping to inspire me. Reading all the different stories & support that you all give each other is fantastic :)


Fantastic Rach !

Welcome to the forum and this amazing programme . It's a life changer and the benefits are immense !

Good Luck and keep going, you're doing great ! :-) xxx


Thanks Poppy, I feel so much better already with a real spring in my step!

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Well done on your progress, just think about all the other places you'll be able to go as you can run further!


Thank you Curlygurly, I'm already amazed at how far I go in 30 minutes! Great hair....just like mine but mine's blonde :)


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