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Yet another newbie


Hello everybody ! After some time lurking here, I thought I'd join as I've completed week 2 yesterday and probably could use some support and motivation as I'm getting closer to time runs in minutes rather than in seconds.

I started c25k mostly because I'm helplessly watching loved ones who struggle more and more in their older days after having been in bad shape most of their lives. It's heartbreaking and that's not something I'm looking forward to, but my own lifestyle has been very sedentary. I've also realized I really want to be fit enough to help my parents and my (10 years older) husband when the time comes.

Until now I've had a brief struggle with knee pain (using the husband's old battered shoes wasn't my best idea, brand new trainers seem to have dealt with it) but I find this running business oddly enjoyable, mostly because I discovered I rather like getting out early before work and enjoying the woods (squirrels ! deer !) and the sunrise skies.

I'm actually using another app than the NHS one, as I couldn't download it from where I live (Switzerland), so I hope that's OK. I hope my English is OK as well as it's not my native language !

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Your English is brilliant, your new trainers are fantastic and you're going to do amazing things!

Good luck with W3. Hope that your app uses the same kind of structure as we have here.

Shout if you need anything. We're a nice friendly bunch of folk really xx

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to sallenson

Thank you ! I'm loving the new trainers !

The app I have is based on a very similar structure. There must be some difference in the later weeks as it is an 8 weeks course rather than a 9 weeks one, but I've compared the programmes up to week 5, and up to that stage they were identical. I might re-do some of the later runs to spread the whole course on 9 weeks ; somehow that seems less scary and more achievable than 8 weeks.


Hi. I'm new here too.. I graduated a couple of weeks ago. Well done to you. I too thought how am I going to run for 8 mins? 20 min? 30mins?! You'll be surprised how you can complete the milestones when they arrive! You can do it!

Early morning suits me better too- sets you up for the day!

Well done on your achievement so far.. and your brilliant English!!

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to Cazmanaz

Thank you ! I'm only at the "what, three whole minutes ?" stage, and that looks like a lot already. But then I'd thought "90 seconds, are you kidding me ?" at the beginning of week 2, and while it wasn't easy, it wasn't half as bad as I feared.

Congrats on your graduation !


Welcome, as a newbie to running, I’ve found this site very useful. By the way there’s nothing wrong with your written English, I’m able to understand you. Please don’t worry.

You will find there are many knowledgeable runners, administrators, current C25K and runners who are using different programmes on this forum, who can provide you with advice and support. I’ve learnt from sharing and reading other people’s running experiences.

Hope you enjoy, your running adventures.

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to MVBrown

Thank you ! I've only read posts here for a short while and already learnt a lot. I'm now thinking "don't forget to slow down" every time I go for a run !

MVBrownGraduate in reply to HillsEverywhere

Yes, I have found I am doing the same when I’m out running.

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