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Week 9 Run 1

Hi everyone - completed W9R1 on Tuesday, due to go on run 2 this evening but got a slight problem, outside of thigh muscle in my right leg is a little sore (not bad enough to cause any problems walking) so not sure if I should leave it another day to recover or just go for it.

Over time heels on my normal shoes do tend to wear down on the outside first, so presume most of my weight is on the outside of my foot when walking. My trainers (karrimor run) are only a few months old, they are comfortable and have no sign of wear on them.

When I first started on C25K had the usual aches in legs for a short while after a run until week 7 when everything went ok, finished my runs and no real leg ache until this week.

Not sure whether I should look into going for gait analysis to see if it is my trainers or it could be the sustained longer runs and my legs need to get used to them.

I do all of my running on the pavement at the moment and did slightly change my route for W9R1 to include a few slight upward elevations (not steep enough to be hills just long and sloping). I had previously run around on a more or less flat route.

Hope you are all fit and well and enjoying the lighter evenings.


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It wouldn't hurt to leave it an extra day, or you could try running it off, that sometimes works if it's just a niggle.

Gait analysis will tell you how your feet pronate. Most of us are neutral but if you have something else the analysis should flag it up.  Go to a proper, dedicated running shop for it.  The result will help narrow down the choice for you so hopefully you won't have to try loads of pairs on.  You can ask for last year's model which are cheaper than the current ones.  The rigmarole at Sweatshop (owned by SD) with making the very expensive insoles for you, irrespective of whether you want them or not, got right on my wick though. There's plenty written about it on here so do browse as it will give you insight.  Your shoe should be at least a half size bigger than your normal shoes as your feet swell when you run.

Running uphill is good training, but you could stay on the flat til you've Graduated as they are a bit energy sapping

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