Week 9 run 1

Week 9 run 1

Whew! This run wiped me out just a bit. I fully blame the fact that I started off too fast at the gate. That said, I ran all 30 minutes and reached 3.5k. With the 10 minutes of walking I did 4.57k total. I will take that. Another gorgeous fall day and two more runs to go! By the way, I started having issues with my running gear. My running tights kept trying to slip down. On a whim, I decided to try on a size small (I usually wear medium) and it fit!!!! Even though I haven't especially been watching my diet, I must be losing fat. Hooray!!!!!

P.S. Come on HealthUnlocked! quit flipping my photos!!!!

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  • Australia ?

  • Madison Wisconsin, USA. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Well done ;O)

  • Thank you!

  • I felt so tired during and after w9 r1. I remember coming back and feeling exhausted. Just 2 more runs to graduation. Keep going! X

  • Oh I definitely will! Thank you!

  • I also eventually had problems with clothes that fell off. I think as you start adding those extra minutes you lose fat at quite a rate. Nice feeling, isn't it? I have a pair of jeans I put under all the other stuff years ago, and I tried them on at some point, and they fit. What a surprise.

  • That's awesome! I'm hoping it keeps happening for me. I'm also going to cut back on the processed food. That stuff is evil. I have pumpkin soup on the stove at the moment. Yum!

  • Snap - same thing in South of France :)

  • Well done, not long to go now... xxx

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Yesss! And another one bites the dust...( Freddy Mercury rocks in Mfam's kitchen)... :D

    I know what you mean about weight loss - I am having running gear issues too, but It's better to go down a size than up, huh :D I have a feeling that my long leggings are going to be having problems with gravity too when I pull them out of the wardrobe.

  • I advocate braces ; )

    Sexy, stylish, available in many colours/patterns from a tool shop near you!

    Alternatively, they will be useful for layering in the cold weather and you can emerge from them like a butterfly from a cocoon, come the spring...

  • Ultra sexy! In the states they call 'em suspenders. Says it all really. ;)

  • but... do the boobs go inside or out, huh?

  • I now have an earworm - the music from "Hey, Big (su)Spender, playing unstoppably in my head.

    The boobs could go straight up and down if we put a bit of superglue on our nipples...maybe not! I am also seeing Thoroughly Modern Milly frowning and wondering "Why do all the rich girls beads hang straight?"

  • Superglue. Hmm. Maybe we could just glue them under our chins instead. Inexpensive boob lift strategy.

  • Saw this conversation at work and had to stifle the laughter that ensued. Hilarious, but sounds VERY uncomfortable.

  • I'm off to buy some braces and some superglue.

  • Well done well done! It's hard to think you're running for half an hour isn't it! Not so long since running for a minute seemed a bit much :)

    Congrats on the toning up as well. I am beginning to think I'm a bit more toned, I definitely agree it's only with the longer runs that the body changes really kick in and become noticeable.

    Not long to go till graduation!- keep it up :)

  • Thank you! I will definitely keep going.

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