Running two days running... If you see what I mean!

I know we should takes rest days but I haven't been able to run today due t weather and other things.  I am now going to be out of synch with my every other day for first park run in 2 weeks.   I'm not exactly speedy (5k in 42mins) so will running two days back to back just the once be an issue?   I only graduated at end of Feb so am very new to this exercise lark!


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8 Replies

  • I don't suppose it will harm, but if you must run on two consecutive days why not make them both shorter runs. Or take more rest days than usual. The greatest cause of injury is over training so be gentle on yourself - we are still baby runners at this stage.

  • No, it shouldn't be too much of a problem, for just the once, now and again. I've done it, felt a bit stiff, but kept  stretching and moving about afterwards.😊

  • Hi, I guess everyone is different but I would be very cautious about running two days on the trot. I found out the hard way by doing this and straining my calf muscle which put me out of running for about a month! 😬 The rest days are important for muscle recovery, however I'm sure other people wouldn't have a problem with it. For me as a beginner and more mature  runner and having sustained two injuries I am very careful    as the affect of not being able to run at all is far more frustrating that missing a day off your schedule. Good luck with parkrun, you will enjoy it! 

  • you have been a graduate for a while, so you should be OK. It's important to take rest days during c25k, but after that you can break the rules occasionally so long as you listen to your body.

  • Slow, steady and cautious then....? Not too far...not too fast? :)

  • I did two days on the trot, Friday and Saturday and have had no ill effects, just do as others say and listen to your body.  I had yesterday off and was going to go again today but listening to Katie hurl hail stones at my window isn't doing much for my motivation!

  • I had only been a graduate for about 5 months when I did 2 days on the trot, and I'm not exactly a spring chicken! As I said, stretching and to keep moving about  is the order of the day or injuries could result😊 

  • Thanks everybody.   Think the advice about two shorter runs is a good idea.   I will also miss out the hills!

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