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Consecutive days running?

Hello all! Graduated about a month ago and been trying really hard to run 3 times a week and build up my distance a little.

I ran tonight but have Zumba tomorrow and out for a meal on Wednesday so next run will be Thursday. Weekend really busy so thinking of doing Thursday and Friday - what are other peoples experiences of doing that? Is it a real no no?

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Well done for getting out there so regularly since graduating. Sometimes I think we need to remember that 3 times a week is a good thing to aim for, but if you're doing zumba as well then perhaps don't beat yourself up if you don't make it 3 times this week.

Having said that, could you do Thursday morning and Friday evening?

If there is no other way round it, then you might get away with it IF you are careful about what you do. DON'T go flat out on either run, and possibly make one shorter than the other or both runs shorter than normal. Stick to what is called an "easy" pace (ha ha, who'd have thought such a thing existed?) - as in the speed where you could run and talk at the same time.

I don't know that I would advise trying to push the distance though.

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The odd consecutive run is fine just don't over tax yourself. It's an interesting question as training plans for greater distances have you running four times a week and therefore you will always encounter consecutive runs


I've just asked this same question on a different post. Great replies thank you. Could it also be risky for injury?


I often find I need to do actives on consecutive days - I try and leave as many hours between them - morning to evening on the following day. Lol from couch to being very active! Me who'd have thought! Haha!


Thanks for the replies :-) I don't want to overdo it and injured self so think will just be careful and take It slowly and not push myself too much!


It's a risk... but then it is also the case that there are people out there who have run just about every day for years. I can see that you really want to maintain some momentum here - the key thing will be just getting out there and running rather than progressing towards any other goal. I feel it also depends on your pace and your chosen surface - two days in a row slamming down on a hard surface is very different from a light jog on a cushioned forest floor.

Is it completely out of the question to run on your Zumba day or meal out day? It could be a lower risk option to do a run on one of those days - I find Audiofuel's Pyramid 180 run is great for occasions when I don't have the time or the mood for a longer run (it's not even 30 minutes)


I wouldn't do it. Having done it and regretted it, I would advise others to steer clear and stick to those rest days like glue


It does depend in part on how used your body now is to running. If you were at the start of the program, I would say definitely not; if you have been running 3x a week for years I would say to just do it. In between, it depends! As others have said, try and stretch out the time between the runs. Make at least one of them (probably the second) a recovery (or easy paced) run. See how you feel; listen to your body. I find I am running more consecutive runs these days, but so long as I take it sensibly it all seems ok .


I agree with everything that has been said, although as opposed to agedsnailspace, I would make the first of the two consecutive runs a slow, not-too-long recovery run, so that you're not too worn out during the second day.

Apart from that, it's all about listening to your body. If you feel energetic and fine, then just go for it. If you have aches and pains, then you should rest. If you have a few sore muscles but nothing serious, then you should take it easy. And so on.

All the best. I hope you enjoy it whatever you do.


You probably need to try it out for yourself based on all of the advice above. I regularly run consecutive days with no problems, but it is a very personal thing. Take it easy and see how you feel. I find you will very quickly learn what your body is ok with.


Hi all thanks for the advice! I did a run on Thursday and had quite a good speed so decided not to do consecutive days and did a walk yesterday instead. Doing my next run today. Think that was the right thing to do in hindsight!

Thanks again!


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