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Running on consecutive days?

Wondering how long people had been running before they started running on consecutive days? I don't want to run everyday but yesterday I ran and today I would liked to have ran and the weather was quite good for it. I worry about injuries and still keep to a rest day.

When I get back into the swing of school terms and work there are days it is impossible to run and it would be easier if I could run sometimes on consecutive days.

Thank you x

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There is a very interesting article in this months Women's running magazine about 'streak running' (running on consecutive days) There is definitely no law against it but I NEED my rest days !!


As a graduate your body will be getting used to this running lark so consecutive running days should be ok as long as you vary the intensity/length of the runs i.e. don't do consecutive hard or long sessions. As ever, listen to your body it will soon tell you if you are doing too much and if it does complain stop before you injure. If it doesn't complain take leave to do the odd consecutive run. (Running streaks are a whole different thing.)


Last week I went from running three days to four in a week, three of them on the bounce; all went well and my body seemed to take it well. I started running in April. You can always try it if you feel ready and go back to three days per week if you feel it's a bit too much. :-)


Hi Miles, sorry to hi jack this post, but Ullyrunner has come up with a new word to describe the winds "BLUSTROUS" :-) We will have to include that in the Miles Yonder Book of Yonderisms :-) xxx


Blustrous! I absolutely love that! :D I'll use that myself; thanks for the heads-up! :-) xx


Ha ha thought of you straight away :-) Knew you'd like it :-) xxx


Hi Loubee.

I've done it many times,but I think it does require that you listen to the feed back from your body. I think of it as something to do when I'm feeling physically good and in the mood and them I'm up and running. Running on an injury, however slight, just because you've diaried a run for the day is asking for trouble. So, definitely possible, but it does require a little more care.


Always make sure that your second run is gentle and not pushing any limits. There is advice on this matter on Runnersworld .com and as far as I remember they suggest six months to a year of running before consecutive running. It all depends on how fit you were before you did C25k and I think age has a significant effect too. I have thought about it, done it once (or is that twice) but have decided at my great age that I don't want to risk injury from preventing me running so stick to 3 runs per week or alternate days at most.


I work in a gym and do weights and cardio every shift. If I can't run outdoors I 'run' on whatever takes my fancy that day - treadmill, cross trainer, various types of exercise bike or a rower.

We also have several different upper body exercisers featuring winding wheels and even ropes and there's a climbing wall so I'm not short of choice if I tire of running!

So I while I don't actually run every day I can keep up the cardio with healthy low-impact exercise. It's a good habit to be in - it's not a question of *whether* to run but *which sort* of 'run' to do.

It's not difficult. Some of the bikes have lovely broad seats and a lectern which holds a magazine, so I can exercise in comfort and hardly know I'm doing it!

We also have a swimming pool so if I feel really bored with running or have an injury I can swim or water-walk instead. Then of course I'll take a nice steam bath and maybe a cold plunge and there's my cardio sorted.

On second thoughts, that cold plunge is a little TOO cold. I'll stuck to the sauna next time.


Once C25K etc has given you the discipline, the habit of running, you can make it work for you - and that desire to run for the sheer joy of it: it's a lovely day for running is in my opinion a much better and safer reason to do a run the day after a run than because you are pushing for some other goal - or even trying to squeeze in 'enough' runs in a week. So I think I'd say that your two scenarios are different and the 'too busy' one might be better addressed with another form of exercise.

Bear in mind too that the surface you are running on will have an impact... hahaha!


I'm on week 3 of a programme with 4 runs per week, and I started c25k in March. So not far off from IannodaTruffe's advice. So far (touch wood) it works for me.

Apart from that, I fully echo the advice given above: Listen to your body. If you can do it and you want to, then by all means. But be wary of pushing yourself too hard.


The simple answer is to listen to your body. Also, build it up by adding one then two days extra over a period of weeks.

Rest days ARE important, but only you honestly know how many you need.


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