What days do you run?

The programme says to run then take a days rest but do you run every other day regardless or do you run set days and have two days off.

I tend to run on a Mon, Wed and Friday and then have Saturday and Sunday free. But I was wondering what others do, do you run Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tue, Thur, Sat, Mon..... etc or do you follow another pattern?

I'm only asking because I'm curious what everyone else does and what they find works best for them.

From A. Nosey-Parker!


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16 Replies

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Sat -with a spin class on a wed.....

  • No set pattern for me. Most likely day to find me running is parkrunday and then Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Just depends upon my schedule.

  • While on the programme,mi found that was ideal because then there is a two day rest before starting a new week. Rest days really helped me although they were annoying too but they got me to graduation with no injury!

  • I find that I run every other day regardless of when it falls, it keeps me on the straight and narrow. I'm not allowing myself ANY excuses.

  • Set days (Mon, Wed, Sat) and Fridays I have a fitness course

  • Usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

  • I usually do Mon, Wed and Friday but have been know to do a Mon, Thurs, Sat! Go with what works for you! xxx

  • Mon, Wed, Fri while on the programme.

  • I agree with Paul. I run every other day regardless of when it falls. I know that if I "miss" a day, then my motivation wil be gone. Saying that I am only on week 2 !

  • Wed, Fri, Sunday for me as it fits in with my work schedule.

    But if I'm away for work or if on hols I mix it up a bit but still always have at least one day of rest in between. I do quite like my 2 consecutive rest days though ☺

  • Mon,Weds,Fri for me as weekends are busy with family etc. I also play bowls Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings indoors during the winter and outside in the summer. During the summer months i play bowls up to five times a week as we have lots of matches as well as practice sessions.

  • It depends what I'm doing - usually I run every other day but if I've done an extra long run I will probably have two days off afterwards.

  • I agree with Paul and redcat. I try to run every other day to keep me at it. I am new to this running lark - only graduated at xmas - and I don't want to fall off the wagon. It does mean if for any reason I do miss a day, I have just given myself 2 rest days as the c25k programme seems to allow. I'd go with what your body tells you but don't miss a rest day as you might risk injury which would be very demoralising. Jill

  • When on the programme I did Mo/We/Fri with cross-training and spin on inbetween days and 2 days off running at weekend with Spin on Sat AM.

    These days I endeavour to run every day, unless circumstances don't allow. If my Crossfit session has been particularly brutal on the legs, I will run a much shorter distance - even a single mile, and the majority of my runs will be gentle paced 5k ;recovery runs', just for heart/lung benefits.

    It has taken a quite a long time to build up to that consistency though. It takes the joints and ligaments and skeleton a lot longer to adapt than the motor and the muscles. When I did the programme and for the first six months I found if I tried to up my running volume I would inevitably get knee/calf/foot problems. Progression needs consistency but can't be rushed (unless you are 20 years old and blessed with the wonders of youth, in which case I hate you).

  • I run on Tuesday, Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday depending on which day I have a race. I also do Cross Training on Wednesday and eitherMonday or Friday.

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