shall I or not - run I mean

Goddddd I dont know what to dooo, I have given myself, 4 days break from my run ready to do the week 4 1st run but its really daunting to me and thinking of giving up, My lower back and pelvis still aches, dont know if im damaging myself, I have managed the other runs ok but the next one is such a jump. Jesus and now its raining AGAIN. Are we going to ever get a summer, I doubt it grrrrrrr.


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14 Replies

  • You don't say what you've ben doing on your break days. Have you cycled or swum, perhaps? Some gentle excercise which isn't weighbearing might benefit your lower back and pelvis and keep your mind thinking that even if you aren't running, you plan to return to it as soon as you can. I wouldn't run until you are better- don't run through pain, but do try gentle exercise. Week 4 looks more of a jump than it is- just take it slowly when you do resume. As for the weather- no, there's no let-up, but at least it's cool to run in!! :)

  • I havnt done anything in between because Laura say you must have free days in between, I prob hurt more because I havre Fibromyalgia, (fibrous muscles and tendens). Oh great it is now thundering here. Im in uk where are you??

  • I'm in uk, too. Take the advice on here and do try some exercise on your rest days because it helps mind and body. There's no hurry to complete the programme, we're all in it for the long-term and all looking forward to reading how you get on. :)

  • One of my main reasons for starting to exercise was to see if it helped to improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I was doing yoga, a weight loss class and one or two visits to the gym each week for a few months before starting the C25k. I have to say it has worked wonders, sometimes I even forget to take the tablets !

    I would think that if you are used to the symptoms of fibromyalgia but your back is hurting enough to worry you, then it is probably worth checking it out with the doctor. I've had lower back pain, sometimes speading into my hips, for the past few weeks. I was fairly sure it was a side effect of the contraceptive injection I had last month to try and control heavy periods but it went on so long that I had it checked anyway - the doctor confirmed it was nothing to worry about. For me, I find that the back pain gets better while I run or walk. Standing or sitting is more uncomfortable.

    I'm biased but I think yoga is a really good, gentle exercise to do on one of your rest days - the stretching is beneficial and it can help with your core strength which will in turn help your running. I find it very good for stress too.

    I hope you are soon feeling better, let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Littlejan, the rest days really mean you should abstain from running but its quite alright to do other exercises on your 'rest' day, I usually swim and walk (weather permitting). I know some cycle too. So if you are normally an active person I would do whatever your happiest doing, just stay off the running. If your back feels tight after a run it could be that perhaps you need to do a couple of stretches, try google for "back stretch after running" you may find something, just be careful and don't over stretch and hurt yourself. Hope the pain settles down soon for you.

  • Swimming front crawl is quite a good way to exercise and stretch your back out a bit. I really wouldn't run if you're in pain. Pain is your body's way of stopping you from doing too much damage, said the woman who, when her knee started giving her problems, just strapped it up and carried on! (It's all right, you can take my advice - I don't use it myself!)

    Might be worth seeing if you can find a physio who can let you know if you're likely to damage anything or if exercise will help. Good luck.

  • Thank you for all your advice. x Ill let you all know.

  • Littlejan, some of us take longer and need to leave more gaps than others. Oldgirl's suggestion of stretches is a good idea. As a person with no muscle problems I did week 6 R2 yesterday and am still stiff today. I would guess that may be you need a little more time for your body to adapt. It is ok to repeat runs (I have) if you feel that this would help you. This isn't a race - it is about you building strength and health. Take it in the time that works for you. I won't run if there is thunder about ... Good luck for your next run and please keep blogging.

  • I have sort of similar health problems and I'd say that waiting for the pain to go away isn't likely to be a feasible plan (unless this is pain you've never experienced before and thus not related to your underlying condition). For me this is bed to 5k and back to bed. Couch is a bit too ambitious for me! I would never have attempted the programme if it hadn't been for that just 60 seconds and taking a rest day in between (I started the programme because I'd been trying to do longer brisk walking and it really wasn't working for me) I've lost count of the times that trying to do very modest exercise daily would totally incapacitate me.

    What I'd suggest is getting yourself all ready and 'out there' wherever it is you go (If painkillers are effective for your FM pain, take them a bit before you go) Maybe even do the warm up walk. And then you'll have a better idea if it was common or garden inertia or negative self-talk holding you back, or today is really just not the day for C25K (there will be other days, especially if you have done as well as getting through the first 3 stages - that's 9 successful sessions, so you're no quitter). You could then either walk for 30 minutes (briskly or gently according to what feels best) or just go home if you are feeling really rubbish and still feel proud that you made the effort. Obviously, when you do run, you may not be going faster than walking pace, simply a different action.

    You may need to check out that suffering from chronic pain hasn't led to clinical depression which could hold you back more than the physical problem.

    Ironically I found telling myself I didn't have to do this helpful especially in the early days. I had a bit of a giggle to myself about it all. I also did not look ahead to see what I was going to be asked to do, I just put on the podcast and did it until a point where I knew it really wasn't going to be sensible to push further (ie I still had to be able to get home!)

    Incidentally, I don't get on terribly well with stretching. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I do it occasionally but over the years I have incapacitated myself far more through even gentle stretches than I have through doing C25K. I am now able to do just a normal whole body stretch in bed without damaging myself. I cannot begin to tell you how marvellous that is after decades of spasms. That wasn't C25K and I am frustrated that I have not seen more overall improvement in my health - but here's a bizarre thing, used to have 'shin splint' type pain most of the time, much less since C25K! (Sorry all you folks who are suffering it now!)

  • Wow thank you for that, nice to know you know how I am feeling, enjoyed reading your reply. You spent alot of time on it. I would like to say I did go out and managed to do the whole run without stopping again. Where do you live and are you around my age at all, im from Southampton (uk) and 48.

  • Just finished a reply above before seeing this.

    How are you feeling after your run ? Does your back feel better or worse ?

  • Brillant - pleased for you!!

  • Feel about the same, but no worse, it doesnt hurt unless i bend. Sooo pleased I managed the 5 min runs, thought it was impossible for me.

  • Well done ! I suspect we all thought it was impossible until we'd actually done it.

    And that means you've already achieved the impossible so no reason why you can't complete the whole program ! Onwards and upwards !! :-)

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