What do you eat on your running days?

So I am trying to lose weight at the same time as doing C25K so I am eating reasonably healthy. I tend to run in the evening about an hour after my meal. On the days I run I tend to have carbs in my meal for energy but I have just read that whatever you eat doesn't get absorbed until about 3 hours after eating. So should I have my carb meal the day before I run? Or am I just thinking about this waaaay too much? What does everyone else do?

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  • I eat carbs at every meal and am managing to lose weight, but I know some people avoid them.

    Why not just have a carbohydrate-rich breakfast or lunch on run days?

  • That was my next thought, if I have carbs during the day leading up to a run. Thanks I'll give it a go and see if it helps.

  • I do have carbs but I don't have large portions of them and I try to stick to wholegrain varieties e.g. wholemeal bread, oats, brown rice where possible. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit. I often run first thing in the morning and I sometimes have a banana about half an hour before I run and porridge afterwards. No idea if the banana helps, it might just be psychological!

  • god i couldnt run an hour after a meal!!

    Have you tried having a light snack before a run (banana or slice of toast) and try eating a meal after your run when your body will be more receptive to food

  • Big question and everyone will be different I guess but I feel really sick if I eat for about two hours before a run. I eat carbs at breakfast and lunch (cereal and sandwich) and tend to eat more protein evening. It's hard to knock back a good spaghetti bolognaise though... Fruit, crackers and yoghurt in between meals. Just common sense I guess.

  • I certainly can't exercise after a meal. I tend to do my run after work about 6 and then eat about 8 after recovering! As for what I eat not really thought about run specific food...

  • i run much better if i dont eat beforehand. Obviously this is no good if you dont run first thing!!

  • Try some lemon water to detox out the trash. A green smoothie in the mornings. Fish for lunch? Up water intake

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