Just done W1R3!!

Wow!  Really pleased to have arrived at the end of Week 1.  My feet are a bit more comfortable - I can still feel it in my calves but I think that is to be expected as I was a complete couch potato before last week!

Managed to go out after storm Katy had dumped a load of rain and hail on us, so it was nice and cold (helps to keep my body temperature down - I'd much rather run in the cold than in the warm).

Think I managed to go a bit further today as well, so I guess I must have been walking/running a little bit faster.  Next run on Tuesday - roll on Week 2...

Hope you've all had good runs over the Easter weekend!

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  • Well done on completing week 1! It's a great feeling isn't it? I also completed week 1 today so can empathise with how you feel.

    Roll on week 2!😄

  • Well done :)

    I'm definitely a 'cold is better' person, the thought of summer- even up here in Scotland- is making me panic a bit!

    Good luck for week 2 :)

  • Ahhh I miss Glasgow.. from there..moved to wigan.. nearly ten years ago now.. :)

  • I'm the 'other way round'! Lived up here near Stirling for 26 years but moved from Lincs and I'm actually from Essex! It's beautiful round these parts :) 

  • Well done on finishing week one :) you will be hooked soon if you are not already x 

  • Well done on week 1, you'll be addicted to this before long!

  • Well done on finishing week 1 onwards and upwards but remember nice and slow

  • Well done, I am right behind you w1r2

  • Fantastic ! Well done !

    Onwards to Week 2 and Good Luck. Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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