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Graduation and first park run on the same day :-)

So yesterday was week 9 run 3 and had managed to plan it to be my first park run as well :-) Had persuaded my lovely man to come along and so he did his first park run too.

Was a little cold but better than last week had been when I think there was sleet and other such horrible things in York :-D Felt quite different running with lots of other people - and most of them going faster than me! Started at the back and made my way through to somewhere near the back. Managed to have my iPod on shuffle rather than my running playlist which gave me the odd interesting tune :-D

At around 3.5k my legs felt a bit unimpressed but kept on going and was a lovely sight to see the home straight. Even managed to sprint a little right at the end :-)

I did it in 28 min 16 seconds coming 92nd out of about 140 I think. Need to make sure I keep on running as have some busy weeks ahead of me. Think I'll do a bit of 5ks and try and fit in another park run soon and then think about getting faster and/or further in a while.

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Congratulations, I have just completed my graduation run too although I was pounding the treadmill so not quite as spectacular graduation as you - but it is an amazing feeling isn't it :o)


Wow - fantastic - first Parkrun in a great time and graduation - double celebration!


Great - and aren't you brilliant doing a parkrun so soon. It seems like there's a bunch of us graduating at the same time. Here's a virtual toast to us all. The combined elation must be creating a powerful forcefield over the British Isles - maybe enough to push the rotten weather away.


I graduated last week, it is a fab feeling. I'm hoping to do my first park run this month. You did a great time well done.


Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations!! You had three wonderful accomplishments today!! Your graduation, your first 5K run and a superb time!! Well done on all accounts!!

Enjoy your success and that shiny new "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations on your graduation and for running a fantastic time at your parkrun! All these running their first is really inspiring me to get out there and do mine very soon too......Sue


Congratulations on completing the C25K programme. Well done on your first Parkrun with a good time.


Congratualations on your Graduation idristhedragon. What a day! A wonderful park run into the bargain-you ran a fantastic time. Hope you're taking time out today for a well earned rest?

Congratualations JoP1 in your graduation-I graduated last Friday week, so still feeling euphoric :-)


Congratulations, and what a great time! Well done - enjoy that badge :)


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