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Back a step but v happy!!!

So I did w6r3 last week and somehow managed to run 25mins so today was supposed to be w7r1. I struggle a bit with my breathing when running outside especially if it's cold, so I've done the majority of my runs on the treadmill.

Today, since it was nice I decided I'd venture outside and go for a run around the local loch which is 3km. I'm completely shocked by the fact that I managed to run the whole distance without stopping once and managed it in 20 minutes!! Even with the fact that I seemed to be running against the wind for what felt like 90% of the circuit!! Soooo I was supposed to run for a further 5 mins but I'm still so pleased that I managed it all!!! I can't believe at I'm almost at the stage where I can call myself a runner !! I think my main problem with running outside is I'm useless at controlling my pace and I'm sure I always go off way too fast then struggle!!

I'm still a bit away from managing a 5k but my aim is to be able to do a parkrun by summer so will see how I go!!!

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Well done! Great feeling isn't it. Your 5 k in summer should be do-able if you keep running on a regular basis, ie every other day ish

Good luck with it. Happy running


Brilliant! It won't be long before you graduate. You've done so well and methinks you'll do the parkrun before the summer!


Sounds like you're doing really well. How lovely to be able to run round a loch as part of your route! Enjoy.


Well done! Running round a loch sounds great, and I can totally empathise with the wind being against you for 90% of a circular route. Happens to me any time the wind is blowing. There must be a term for it!

Once you graduate you might like the Stepping Stones podcast (or stamina, but that one's a bit harder) as you run to the beat and it starts off slowly and builds up so you don't set off too fast. It sometimes helps to consciously run to the beat, but I can't remember what happens with the beat in the C25K podcasts, so in the mean-time, just think "slow and steady" and then when you are in the last 5 or so minutes you can speed up if you have any spare energy.


Sounds as though you are doing really well. Graduation is not so far off now. I don't doubt you will be ready for your park run - you'll do well, I suspect. Good luck and best wishes.


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