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That felt sooooo good! W1R3


Small note to self, starting run when it’s still below freezing will make breathing hurt a bit...but it wears off!! Beautiful day in the highlands - and when the halfway point markersounded I had to check it was what it was as I thought I had another burst to go! Covered 4K, felt fab...bring on week 2.

(I think the photos may explain why it felt so good!!)

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Well done you, and the folks on here getting to know me realise I absolutely love the scenery pics, what a beautiful setting for you to run in


Beautiful view! Well done and keep it up! :)


Fabulous, I was running along the Caledonian canal under the shadow of Ben Nevis last week, don't feel inspired back in Nottingham :-( well done! Great distance covered and good luck


Good job, really pleased for you.

Love the photo.


Well done 🤗 Wonderful scenery too x

When it's really cold try using a buff (Google but basically a thin stretchy fabric tube) that can be worn in a multitude of ways but over your nose and/or mouth will help warm the air before it hits your lungs and take away some of the pain.

Beautiful place to run. You are really on your way now. Congratulations, you won't regret it.

Katwpg in reply to AnnieW55

Good advice - thank you!

Brrr! Is that snow on them there hills? Well done on completing Week 1 and doing 4k today. You certainly have lovely countryside to run in and it will be even better this week with the warmer weather

Katwpg in reply to Christianne57

It is snow indeed...although I am off to LA on business tomorrow, so will miss our good weather!

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