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Week 7 r1 done....just!


Just completed run1 of week 7 and boy did that feel like hard going! I was hoping that by now it would start feeling easier? I completed the last run of week 6 OK on Saturday and even managed to dash for the finish for the final 3 mins of running. But this evening's run felt really different. I slowed down and managed to keep going - I had changed my route (a change is as good as a rest, so they say) - but nothing significantly different in terms of gradients etc.

Trying to stay positive and will put down to experience. Going to have 2 rest days and then go for it again on Thursday.

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Well done on completing the first run. I'll be attempting it myself on Thursday having just completed w6r3 tonight. I was hoping it would be slightly easier having already done a 25 minute run but I'll have to see ;)


I struggled a bit at those first few longer runs but it's amazing how quickly your body adjusts to them. Once you find that nice comfortable pace, it just comes together. Happy running!

I did my first run of week 7 yesterday too. Also found it difficult and wondering if it will ever get easier. I did have to ditch laura as the music wasnt that great and needed something more to keep me going! But hey we did it! Good luck for run 2, I will try mine tomorrow.


Hey dartymoor. Keep the faith! I had good runs, bad runs and could-do-better runs all the way through to the end of week 9 : / When I struggled in week 7 I reminded myself how easy week 4 would be then - that being the week my body threatened to kill me for what I was doing to it lol But you CAN do this - you are being pushed a little harder each week so it just seems like hard work. Trust me, I am a runner...... ; )


I too have just done my w7r1.

Was worried as it is hot here today (25 degrees), and since I overslept this morning I waited until late afternoon in the hope it would be cooler (of course it did not).

On top of that, our road, which is untarmacked, has just been "resurfaced". So no more potholes, but loose stones instead. Wasn't a pleasant run.

For me, the hardest part is the first half of the run, which is ironic as it is mainly downhill. After that, I seem to get into a rythm and at the end, I feel I could keep going!

Hope that your extra day rest helps and your next run is easier. But hey, we're nearly there.... Just 8 runs to go!!!!!

Just done Wk 2 Run 2, and it was very hard. But I started wk 7 last week and had to stop because of where I was and what was happening. Started again on Monday, and wonder if the pain is because the gap was too big. I didn't want to take a step back and do week 6 again. Today as I said was harder still, but all the way through I've noticed that run 2 is the hardest each week. So - I'm going to enjoy my smug sense of achievement for the remainder of today, and my rest day tomorrow, and hope that Friday will be better... (I might also have had a bit more sleep by then than I have had the last three days).


Thanks for all your comments and advice. Well, I did my second run on Thursday evening and it was much better - so much so I am off to my local Parkrun this morning to give that a go as my third run for the week. I've had Parkrun as my end goal, (I registered on the Parkrun website at same time as starting C25k) but feel I am about ready to try it - not looking for a time as such, just to get round.

I'll let you know how I get on......!?


Please do! I'm about to do my 2nd Parkrun, and this will be my w8r3. FWIW, since week 6 my pace has slowed but my ability to run non stop for 25 then 28 mins (with a sprint at the end) has really improved. I don't care if I get down to 1mph, all that matters to me is getting to the end of week 9! Xx


I DID IT! ....and I am soooo pleased! First Parkrun today - found it quite tough, and heavy rain overnight had made the course very muddy. I was also told that it's not the easiest Parkrun course - not terribly flat, being Devon. Anyway I managed a very respectable time of 34 mins 25 seconds, which I am really chuffed about. I had it in my mind that I should just aim to get round in about 40 minutes, and then try to get down to about 30 mins in subsequent weeks.

Feeling like a proper runner now!

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