W5R2 new lungs please 😯

Evening all.

Run2 is done. First 8 minutes was easy peasy and I actually enjoyed it. The walk in the middle just ruined my tempo and I didn't get my breath back in time for run 2. 

Run 2 was pure Hell. It's the first time where I thought I might puke, cry or both.  Luckily I did neither but there was no Chariots of Fire theme today, more like the clanking of St Peter opening the pearly gates to admit one 😮

Legs were fine but breathing is hideous. Still, I bloody well did it. Splits for each of 3ks was about 10.30. Also used the podcast for the first time so have listened to that music 😀

Happy Wednesday couchers xx


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25 Replies

  • Good on you for keeping on with it, our lungs don't always have the same enthusiasm as our brains do they!  I have this run on Friday - yikes.

  • You'll ace it! My brain was too busy holding back the tears to be enthusiastic but my legs were very happy.  😆

  • Very well done.  I find just running is what I want to do now, walk breaks are not helpful at all.  I would guess problems with breathing could be caused by running faster than is comfortable as you should always aim to run at a pace where you could still hold a conversation!  I run for over an hour now having graduated but never gasping for breath as I run at a comfortable speed.  The other thing you could do is to flood your lungs with air on the recovery walk, deliberately breathe slowly and deeply - no need to rush your runs, it is purely the time that matters, believe me!  Julie

  • When I struggle I slow down and take some slow deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. I find that sorts me.

  • Thanks Julie. I really try to do deep breathing but I can only inhale for about 2 seconds but could exhale for 8. I'm only 3 months in since quitting smoking so I guess I will have to live with it 😯

  • I really tried that vivster but as per previous I don't seem to have enough lung capacity to deep breathe in. It doesn't seem to matter what speed I go.  5 minutes is just not long enough for my poor abused lungs to slow back down.  Still,  I did it 😃

  • Well done for sticking with it though X 

  • Well done BB !  

    I am an ex smoker too and I mustve given my lungs a right battering when I was in full grip of my fag addiction !

    You stuck at it , dug deep and completed the run, so hats off to you . 

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pug.  The longer away from smoking I am, the more I can't quite believe what a total muppet I was for doing it for 30+ years!

  • Yes me too ! It was my passion, I loved it to be honest , I have been stopped for 4 years this year. It took me ages to fight the urge to wrestle someone to the ground who walked past me smoking   ! Ha ha ! :-)

    Quitting the fags and doing this programme are 2 of the best decisions I have ever made ! :-) xxx

  • So funny. On that run I cried the last two minutes and thought I was going to boke!  

    I'm on week 6 and just completed run 2 and it wasn't even as bad. 

    Keep going. You sound determined. 

  • Absolutely brilliant well done you!! R2 tomorrow for me lets hope I manage it lol. I'm still a smoker so maybe one day I'll be able to stop & stay stopped reading from you & poppypug. Stopped 3 times before longest for 4 years but not putting that stress on myself right at this moment in time. 

    Good luck completing W5 later this week x

  • One thing at a time vic!  Hope you have a gorgeous run 2.  We will do this, even if it kills us :)

  • It probably will kill me just hope I'm not sick ewwwww lol xx

  • In case it does actually kill you - can I have first dibs on your trainers LOL!!!

  • Haha well seen as its you go on then ;) x

  • Move onto a vapouriser. Same kick but no coughing & spluttering, stinking & only £2.50 a week ..... & u can feel ur lungs breathing again. After 20 years of smoking I swear by it. I know it's not quitting but my god a hell of a difference

  • I did Champix for a couple of months and now I'm completely nicotine free - no patches or vapourisers or money spent on it at all :D  Agree that a vape is way better than a ciggie though!

  • Well done u. My problem is that I enjoy it. I'm happy that I'm not on 15 a day & I don't cough like a lepper anymore

  • Tried one, well a few different ones & after about 8 weeks each time I had a 'drag' I felt dizzy & really sick. Stopped for a while & obviously went back on the cigs then tried vape again a few months later, nope still same. Not for me I'm afraid. Sadly I enjoy smoking even though some days I only smoke 3 a day, some days 7 depends what I'm actually doing but more often than not I go through 2 packs a week so not too bad going. X

  • Is it wrong that I'm relieved Ican?  Sounds like I'm not such a weirdo after all and these are normal feelings :)

  • Well done m'dear. Your post did make me laugh but I do know how you feel. I smoked for years too. Quitting is definitely up there amongst the very best decision anyone can make. I suspect you're going to love w5r3. No pesky walk breaks to disrupt your rhythm. Good luck 😀

  • Keep going, keep steady. Well done for getting through it:)

  • Aaah, I had the same problem, my W5R2 was a run of two halves (wrecked by a sudden appearance of my husband!), put it down to experience and brace yourself for run 3, when there's no walk (and on the plus side, no chance of your tempo being ruined).

    And, because of your fag-ash-Lil-be-gone resolve your lungs are renewing themselves, be kind to them ;o)

  • Hilarious, but well done for getting through it. I have felt a bit nauseous now and then but I haven't felt like crying yet, just swearing a lot. 

    Onwards and upwards, good luck for run 3

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