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W5R2 - phew!!

Hello lovely runners :)

Just back from run 2 of week 5 and I'm HOT! It's very warm here today and I've not been this red-faced since I did my very first C25k run on a sunny August afternoon. It was hard work today, but I did it!

I was pleasantly surprised at how I coped with the first run, and when Laura told me to slow down I had a big smile on my (red and sweaty!) face. I could have probably gone on a bit more, which is certainly heartening for W5R3. The second run was a bit more taxing. It took me round a boring bit of my route so the time seemed to drag a bit more. When Laura piped up with "halfway through" I felt like I'd have to dig deep, so I got my head down and actually felt good at the end. I think I might have actually gone a bit faster in the last couple of minutes hence feeling really tired!

Anyway - 20 minutes solid still seems a big deal, but that's what I'll be attempting on Sunday!

Wish me luck guys :) :)

I'll check in and let you know how I get on.

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You'll be fine. After the 2 x 8, the 20 minuter actually seems to pass quite quickly, and then you get a nice walk home!


Thanks :)

I hope so!


Well done, you should be dead proud of yourself. You will sail through R3 ;-) I am doing R3 tomorrow ;-)


Yeah, I saw your post about your crazy W5R2! I'm sure you'll sail through run 3 :)

Will watch out for how you get on :)


Thanks. I will post my outcome :-)


Well done Atomic a good base and on to the next one you'll be fine


Thank you :)

I'm going to give it my best shot!


Well done - your Run 2 sounds very similar to mine. Run 3 isn't as scary as I thought - good luck :0)


Congratulations Atomic x doing brilliantly. X. Good luck for a nice steady run on Sunday :)


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