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this morning woke to the radio alarm with some amazing relaxing classic music and drifted of back to sleep, so struggled to get out of bed as it was soooooooooooooooooo warm and cosy under the duvet.

little bit of fear after last run but got up strapped those running shoes on and headed out into to sunny frosty morning, up to late to see sun rise but day was beautiful and fresh which made me feel full of the joys of spring.

listened to Laura's instructions and encouragement and felt elated when I finished the full run which seemed to pass in no time at all !!!!

calves ache but in a good way ready to face the day another run done. cant believe im already in week 3 !!

if you are just starting keep at it the benefits kick in way before week 9 i am feeling them already


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Well done i started w3 yesterday but it wasn't as successful as yours i got up at 6 to do my run as usual went to the park for a change it started off ok but i had to stop the 2nd 3 minute run as i thought i was going to be sick which a bit disappointing but self inflicted as i had a few too many sunday and didn't eat properly sun night hopefully wed run will be more on track


Great stuff! This is a fab program so enjoy yourself. 9 weeks just fly by. Take care though and go steady ☺


A terrific start to your day. It sounds wonderful!

The benefits are amazing, physical and mental, vitality, and motivation, all creeping, quietly into your mind and your body.

I know for me, it released a lot of demons, and freed my creative soul again. ( Yep.. the ramblings :) ) I started painting and writing again and am generally getting back to the rounded person I was a few years ago. As for the renewed youthfulness...don't start me on that :)

Go you! :)


That's the problem with lovely relaxing music! The Clash or the Jam would have had you out of there in no time. I can't vouch for the renewed youthfulness but have definitely felt a lot of benefits, not least cheerfulness and more inner calm. I think it is the stress busting or stress releasing effect of running.


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