Week 3 run 3 killed me!!

I'm astonished with myself that I've got this far but week 3 was a big step up for me. I'm practically crawling during that last 3 minute run but I made it. I do find it gets better as the week goes on but haven't enjoyed week 3 as much as the other two! My left shin is hurting a bit as I've run the last two sessions so I'm going to add another couple of rest days before starting week 4. Is that wise or likely to make week 4 harder?


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  • Well done! I've taken 6.5 weeks to reach end of week 5. I have taken slightly longer rest days when I felt I needed it and have had no problem then doing the next step up.

  • I remember how hard the 3 min runs were but trust in Laura and you will get there Just take one step at a time and rest an extra day if you feel you need it What shoes are you running in ? my shins hurt when I had a practise run round garden in my trainers before I started c25k so went to running shop and got gait analysis and new shoes I love them and no pain in shins so worth money Good luck

  • Purple73 - well done. One step at a time is how I've done it and exceptionally slowly also but its worth it. Good luck with your shins. I've had various aches and pains in knees and hips and muscles but they vary, I think our bodies are adjusting. Might be worth an extra days rest?

  • Well done for keeping going, take the extra rest days if you need them, Ice pack on shins (wrapped in a towel) works well for the shin pain. I think most of us have had various aches and pains while our bodies get use to running, but shin splints can be caused by overstriding, incorrect form or shoes, so might be worth shortening your stride especially if you heel strike and maybe get gait analysis from a good sports shop if you think it might be the shoes. Good luck with next week

  • I'm continuing with week three for another week rather than taking extra rest days so I don't start excusing myself from goingd

  • Thanks for the comments - they keep me encouraged. I think you're right about the body adjusting - I've always had a weak back (slipped disc 10 years ago and a physical job that takes its toll on my back) and that's giving me a few musical twinges at the moment as well. I'm intending to get a proper pair of running shoes at the end of week 4 because I told myself that if I get that far, it's not just a fad and I won't give up! I've noticed that I land on the outer edge of my feet (my right foot turns in slightly even when walking) when running so it could be contributing to the shin pain. Thank you for all the kind words - it really does keep a beginner like me going because work colleagues/ family see it as a bit of a laugh and that I will give up any day. I fully intend to prove them wrong.

  • I am really glad you are going to get some good shoes hope that includes gait analysis as it sounds like you may need some inserts if you are having problems.......this forum has kept me sane when people around me haven't wanted to here about my running, so keep posting and you will have the last laugh

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