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W7R1 almost killed me...didn't

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Well that hurt! I managed to run through the Toxic Ten (honestly, will anything ever get better about that?!) but it was actually the final minute or so when full on asthma kicked in. Felt like had been kicked in the chest. Could not have gone 30 seconds more. Finished it, used my inhaler and have recovered. In fact, my recovery seems to be getting faster, which is a good sign. But wow. I think I definitely left it a bit late in the morning for today's run. The combination of heating up, and pollen suddenly smacked me hard. 🥵🥵🥵

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Oh wow Bloomsbury22! What a trauma that was for you!!!

I have managed to avoid the Toxic Ten now for the past three runs thank goodness, and I ensure that I do a complete warm up at home which includes an awful lot of leg stretching with hamstrings and especially calves and this seems to be working as I too found that hellish to get through. A huge well done to you for getting through it in this heat as well.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to JaxO

Lucky you! I do a really good set of stretches before (and after) each run, and make sure I am really well-hydrated and have half a banana before set out. I think it is more linked to my asthma/hayfever/sinuses really, and my inability to get the amount of oxygen in that is needed to regulate things quickly in that first Toxic Ten when the lactic acid is soaring about telling me to stop. I don't listen though and do push through, and it does burn off. Which is the good bit. And knowing that helps me push through. This breathing thing was a pure asthma thing, the last 30-40 seconds of the run. My own fault for not having set out earlier, which would have been cooler and less pollen. Lesson learned!

I'm right behind youuuu

Yay, well done!

Can I ask what exactly the Toxic Ten is? The first ten minutes? If so, yes I know that feeling!

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to RunnerKeenBean

Thanks! If you type Toxic Ten in to the search bar on this forum some info will come up. Its actually a real thing. The basic, very non-science explanation, is that your body sort of goes in to shock as it cannot process enough oxygen for this sudden activity, and it takes a while to regulate. Hence, if you can push through the Toxic Ten (could be just a few minutes, or may be longer) then it should burn off. Obviously things like good stretching both before and after and making sure you are well-hydrated work, but it is basically your body regulating itself. More or less.


Thanks for that! I can totally relate to this now, nice to be able to call it something haha

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to RunnerKeenBean

No probs! It very much helps understanding what is going on, what is normal, and what isn't. Knowing what the Toxic Ten is, and knowing that if you run through it it will burn off, does help. Part of the huge mind game that is running!

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Be careful with yourself. If you need to stop and breathe no one will judge you. Are you allowed a preventative puff before you set out?

Many congratulations on getting to week 7 run 1 !! ⭐️👏🏻⭐️

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to HappyNoodle

Thank you! Don't worry, I am careful, and I did use my inhaler. It was just in the last 30-40 seconds and like someone had smacked me in the chest, rather than being out of breath from running, if that makes sense. It was definitely an asthma thing. I always use my inhaler. Both before a run and take it with me. It was more I hit the barrier of what my poor lungs could deal with what with the heat rising and pollen levels high. I should have run earlier in the day but was pfaffing around. Lesson learned. I'll have a good rest today and tomorrow and see how I feel on Friday. If need an extra rest day I will take it. x

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Congratulations on surviving!

The only runners I know who don’t suffer from the toxic 10 have never been non-runners, running started for them before junior school. So, we are pretty much stuck with it at least a little. Increased fitness will help, as will looking at pacing a run to “negative splits” theory (slow start, fast finish) but right now the second bit of that isn’t necessary. I’m a big advocate of a deliberately slow start though.

Heat, pollen, humidity... all have a huge impact on the run... when I started it was hot, and I’m not a morning person... I found myself running at 10:30 in the evenings.

Amazing job there in that last minute today... that would have stopped 99% of runners!

Here’s hoping the conditions are better for your next run.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for that! Yes, very happy to be alive! I've had asthma since I was wee, so pretty good at talking myself down from a tree when things kick off, as well as kitted up better than most Boots. Glad it was only in that very last little stretch, and close to home, as well as a corner shop where could have gone for help. It was a good lesson to learn and I recovered quickly from it.

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Bloomsbury22

Recovery is one of the first signs of increased fitness. Long term things should get better. While I’m aware that this doesn’t happen for everyone, I have an asthmatic ultramarathon running buddy... he still carries inhalers but hasn’t used them for years.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes, very pleased re my recovery getting better. And yes, I always carry my inhalers with me, and use when needed (my hayfever and sinuses have been really bad this year and my neighbour's lovely flowery gardens are not helping, as pretty and distracting as they are). It was definitely my fault for not running earlier in the day. Lesson well learned and am unscathed.

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Well done 👍 you are amazing and an inspiration to other asthmatics that would like to start running. You go girl.

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Bloomsbury22Graduate in reply to SandraY1

Thank you! Honestly though, if you could see the hot sweaty beetroot I was earlier though...! 😹🥵🍅

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SandraY1Graduate in reply to Bloomsbury22

We are all that 🥵 sweaty mess after our runs.

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Hi. Well I'm not asthmatic but week 7 is nearly killing me too! I've managed run 1 & 2 - just, but now failed to complete the third twice. I keep telling myself that I can do it but I'm just going to have to keep trying to it feels a bit easier I guess. Well done you!

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