Week 2 run 1 killed me!!

Thought I was about to have a heart attack and most of the running I spent as a sturdy march. Should I repeat week 1 or continue with week 2? I am doing the 12 week fitness plan, c25k combined with strength and flex, however I am a very big girl with a huge bmi..........I also do aerobics at least 4 times a week. I have extreme pain in my legs below the knees at the bag and extreme heat throughout my body. Any advice would be great.


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  • Back! Not bag!

  • I felt the same! My heart was pumping so hard and I was red faced. When I got indoors afterwards then I began sweating profusely in a most unattractive manner :D

    I am into 5th week now and although it's still challenging I don’t feel as if I am all that out of breath, at least not like that first week.

    I never imagined actually liking running either and complained perhaps running wasn't for me because I didn't get a runners' high, I ached, my knees hurt, etc. I still have to be careful with my knees and I wear a support if I feel I need to, i take an extra rest day if I feel I need to but I am loving running now!

    Please do take rest days. They are so important and necessary. Also post run stretching helps me to avoid that stiff knee feeling next day.

  • You are doing a lot! You must take a rest day to recover, it gives you a chance to absorb benefits and strengthen making injury less likely- even more important if you Already have some aches and pains.

    Did you manage a jog on week 1? I think I would say if you can't manage to jog the running bits it would be best to repeat until you can. They only get longer... Best of luck- sounds like you are very driven at the moment, just make sure you don't burn yourself out. :)

  • Personally, I'd redo week 1 if I were you. I'm not particularly overweight, just getting a bit ancient but I did 2 weeks of very brisk walking before I even started Wk1 because I was worried about not being able to do the running. I know several people who repeated weeks because they felt they weren't ready to progress further. I suspect I'll be repeating weeks further down the line. Don't give up though. A friend of mine combined the C25K with dieting and went from a size 18/20 to a size 10 and she looks fab! Good luck

  • You are doing fabulous but honestly I think you are doing too much with aerobics aswell as jogging, for a while I would concentrate on the couch2 5 k plan, it worked for me and tons of other people. Well done to you it will all be worth it, the sense of achievement when you finish is amazing, I never imagined I could do it when I first started but now can happily jog for 50 minutes

  • Hi, everso well done in taking on this programme, isn't it brilliant!!. As an overweight , older lady, the two bits of advice that helped me were to make sure my shoes were correct. IE I had my gait analysed and got some insoles to help with my style of running. Secondly, stretch those muscles properly after exercise. The couch to 5k does not incorporate enough stretching or indeed advice. I injured my calf after I got to the 5k through lack of stretches. I had physio and advice, but the best stretches can be found on running websites. Best of luck with it..keep us posted. Babs xxx

  • I can only echo the advice already given here - you are taking on rather a lot and, as well as the risk of burning yourself out, you also have a higher risk of injury. I would advise to repeat week one until you can comfortably jog the running bits of it. It's also important to get your gait analysed and buy the correct shoes for that. Best wishes.

  • Firstly, I wish to congratulate you on starting. Getting out the first time is by far the hardest part, and you have done that.

    I may suggest two things to you; first, watch 'Running for my existence' on Youtube; and secondly, you may be better off starting with fast walking before you start the running/C25K program.

    You will get there [and this is absolutely the best time of year to start] but if you rush at it you are more likely to fail ~ and no one on here wants you to do that.

    Keep us posted, and if you ever feel that you are lacking motivation, pop on here and you will get all the support you need.

    Good luck, and happy running.

  • Well done for actually doing it - I'm apprehensive about Wk2 - thinking I may do another Wk 1 run until I can do more than shuffle along - I don't think it's a good idea to push yourself quite so hard especially as you're getting pain in your legs - I'd go slower and do lots of stretching afterwards - but I haven't got there yet!!

  • Don't hesitate to repeat week one, or any week, until you think it is dead easy and even boring. The following week will only ever be harder.

  • Thanks you - Good advice - I think I'll just keep going with wk 1 until its a breeze

  • The aerobics can really make you hurt on your run the following day. I found that with doing Jilliian Michaels so I switched to her yoga beginners workout instead and then went back to the aerobics/cardio when I'd got a bit fitter. You have to pace yourself as you don't want to get injured. Just take it easy and give your body time to recover between exercices. You'll get there Diva

  • one thing I would ask is that did you have a check up with your gp before you started? You say you have a huge bmi, so it might be worth just going to the doctors and getting a well woman check. I did this before I started, and it was great for my peace of mind. And as others have said, it does sound as if you have taken on a lot all at once, you need to allow for recovery time.

    Having said all that, the very best of luck with it - its a brilliant program

  • As everyone has said, beware doing too much! I think it's better to start slow because you're more likely to continue and you're less likely to get hurt. Doing more sooner might actually delay your progress. That being said, GOOD FOR YOU! You've made the effort to get out there, which is the tough part.

  • Hi all, thanks for everything. I have been doing aerobics for over a year now, losing nothing lol, hence why I started the 12 week plan. I have decided to continue with everything but repeat week 1, I've give myself a days rest today from it all, however tomorrow I will be back at it, my aerobics in the morning and c25k early evening with the hubby. I did do a well woman check up mot thingy and I have an unbelievable characteristic of health, not at risk of stroke, heart disease etc etc they have said they would help me lose weight but didn't fancy tablets or surgery etc and the only thing I did fancy was some healthy eating/exercise course, however it was time consuming and meant I would of had to make a commitment to specific times and days which I couldn't do due to an unpredictable lifestyle/home life. I am only 5ft, need to lose about 10 stone and bmi is over 50 the docs and nurses couldn't believe how I am so big. Hope that covered everything.

  • Must just say thanks for all the luck etc and it's great to hear all the good and the bad from others who have and are doing it, thanks!

  • Sounds like you are taking control of your life! It's a good feeling. Take it nice and steady and let us know how you are getting on.

  • If you completed it - move forward and go for it - if you could do it, trust your body to get you there next time. We all felt like we would explode, I could never breathe! You can do it though! Have you got proper shoes? and are you getting enough rest days between runs? Too much heavy impact work to your legs can cause injury, especially if its all new to you? Rest days are part of training, sounds silly but its true. Your body must recover to get stronger :)

  • Take it easy for a couple of days. No harm will come from starting on week 1 again.

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