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All done ran 9/3 today

Just finished my last run, went round my local park run route on my own and managed 5k in 38.44 bit disappointed with my time but hope to do better when I run park run proper this Saturday with everyone else. Only started running before Xmas so feeling pretty good about my progress otherwise. Any tips for my first park run, not sure if I shud gave a light breakfast before my run I sometimes struggle with lack of energy?

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Disappointed???? Are you bonkers? I didn't manage 5k until weeks after graduation and the time was very similar. You've done cracking. Congratulations.

As for park run - you'll love it. I'd advocate a bowl of porridge before 8am.

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Oh my god, that is fantastic! I still only manage around 4.4K in 30 minutes so I'd be incredibly chuffed if I were you!! Well done!


Congratulations and I think you move very quickly...!

My mantra has always been slow and steady, so well done !


Congratulations on your graduation


Congratulations on your Graduation ! Thats a cracking time too , so dont be disappointed, its really good !

I normally have a cuppa tea and a half a banana ( sometimes a full one if its a little 'un ) and thats it for me :-)

Porridge is really good too, but I would allow about an hour and half to digest :-) xxx


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