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5k! I truly can't believe I did it!

Started 8 weeks ago breathless after the short walk run intervals. I had serious doubts I would ever do it. But tonight after 8 weeks I pushed on and ran out the 5km. I am so proud of myself. Almost 58 and overweight. This is one of my proudest achievements. I can't recommend C25k enough if you are thinking about it! Now for 10!!

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Congratulations on your achievement. It is a great feeling to do the distance but you are not quite there yet :)

The object is 30 minutes which I am sure you will do.

Finish week 9. Consolidate your 30 then move on. I would suggest another structured plan to avoid the chance of drifting.

Again. Well done. Keep it up and keep us posted.


Is 5k in 30 m the goal.?


Way to go Mac!!!!

Great feeling isn't it. I bet you're over the moon

You could do the C25k+ podcasts now. They are with good old Laura so you'll be in good hands. Once you've played round with those you can load up the 5 to 10 k bridge podcasts. I did Sami Murphy one which I downloaded from here. She doesn't say much but I love her butt kicking attitude, and the music - all carefully chosen to inspire our running legs

Have fun out there but take care!!!!!!!! This is the danger point where you throw caution to the wind and get injured. You have to go steadily. You are still a new runner and your body has to adjust to more running. Getting fitter in general will support your running, so consider other forms of exercise now if you're not already mixing things up

Good luck


WOW thats great ! It always seems impossible till you get it done !:)

Keep us posted about week 9 and how it feels finishing of the program !


Thanks for the advice guys. Yes the temptation to do the five was too great to resist. I will now drop back and complete week nine


Excellent! Well done you, bet it feels wonderful! :)

As others have already said... look after your body, and don't be tempted to over-train and injure yourself (you wouldn't be the first... I did that, thought I was invincible, and was limping for two weeks as a result).


Bloomin brilliant news Macpie. Well done. Isn't it a great feeling? Don't go too mad now you hear? Some folks on here have been overly ambitious with their new found love of running and ended up with nasty injuries. Remember there is NO rush whatsoever to increase to 10K, but it IS a fantastic goal to aim for. Only increase your distance by no more than 10% each week and repeat those 10% increases until you feel you can go a further 10%!

Take it easy and enjoy your new found super exercise regime!


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