I did it!!!

I don't post much on here but read all your posts for support and encouragement.

I just had to share though... I did it! I ran my first 5k today! I was on the final week 9 (run 1) and finished the 30 mins on 4.7k and decided to keep going. Am so proud of myself. I've had a real time of it the last few yrs with pelvic and back problems and this is just the biggest achievement. For anyone starting out... If I can do it you can too! 

Good luck to everyone whatever stage you are at. It really is possible! X


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  • Very well done to you! It is a real achievement to get to 5k - you should feel proud. 

  • I used to jog haven't done it for ages go arthritis in my feet don't no what to do good luck to you

  • Have you tried even the first week? My back pain is still awful and for some reason I managed it (I have big problems sitting). The first couple of weeks I was sore/ had shin splints but it eased off. Or get advice from a Physio the best exercise to do? I know how fed up you can get not being able to exercise but stick in there.... 

  • Well done on that 5k! Such a good feeling the first time isn't it? Almost a graduate of c25k too !☺

  • Congratulation!  Amazing job! What's your next goal? Improving speed? Running longer distances? Something entirely different?

  • Thanks guys! It was really tough in the middle- and hot which is a novelty so far in Scotland! But the last 10mins I got to a nice flat route and it seemed fine to carry on! I'll finish in 2 more runs then in going to enter race for life in May. I think after that I'll maybe try to keep running for about 30-40 mins 2 or 3 times a week but aim for being a bit faster as still feel quite slow. Though managed it in 34 mins so maybe not too bad? 

    Any recommendations on apps for the next stage? 

  • Clever you Lorie, well done

  • Well done... lots of folk never do the 5K at this stage.. as the programme is about Stamina, not distance.. and the thirty mins running, so you are very speedy!

    Great achievement for you, especially with your back problems; but, after reading your reply below.. maybe go a tad steadier for your final runs...if you are still experiencing back pain, that is an indication of something worng... maybe slow down?  You need to make Graduation in style :)

  • Fantastic and a wonderful way to graduate!  Proves that the programme gets us to a place where we can run for 5 kilometres!  What do you plan to do now you are a free runner??  Felt a bit strange but I just kept running three times a week (graduated with a parkrun in 43 minutes) then ran for 30 minutes at first after trying to go straight onto a 10k programme which I was not ready for and had a niggly knee.  Then I ran on one day like you and did a 5k which was pretty hard.  Decided to do 5k X 3 times a week which I did for ages because it is a good distance and still felt pretty hard.  There are "significant health benefits" from running 3 X 30 minutes a week so I am sure you will see the difference in health, fitness and confidence.  Brilliant run!  Julie

  • Well done Lorie! Keep up the good work - and good luck with your Race for Life :)

  • Thanks guys. Good to hear what others are doing. Is this the best forum to be in when you have graduated? Thanks to old floss- my pelvis and back in a mess from pregnancies- been a long haul for 6 yrs but I was at the stage I am no more sore on a run day than I was before I started the c25k. It's sitting that makes it bad- and bending over. I've been so down about not being able to exercise over the yrs...and now I'm doing this- it's great. Like you say I won't push it- think 5 k is prob my limit ...I'd also rather do shorter- more frequent runs and make sure I don't injure myself. 

    The 3 X 30 min runs like you say are such a health benefit it's great. Hope in the winter I stay motivated! 

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