Ouch!! Oh b**ll***s

I'm injured! Very painful and slightly swolen ankle since yesterday morning.

Did a Park run on Saturday which went really well, then went for a nice 8 mile walk on Sunday with my darling wife and then a shorter 4 mile walk on Monday, all with no problems at all. Yesterday morning I got up, was feeling great, no aches or pains or anything unusual, then within 10 minutes I could barely put any weight on my left foot without getting a sharp pain in the front of my ankle. There was nothing obvious that set it off either, no twisted ankle or anything. Needless to say last nights scheduled run didn't take place, it's a little less painful this morning but still not right. Looks like tomororws run and Saturdays park run won't be happening either, although I will go along and volunteer at the Park Run. On holiday to Gibraltar next week too and was planning plenty of walking and running there, looks like it may be a week of lazing instead. :(

Probably just my body telling me to take it easy, although it feels like it's yelling "Oi fatty slow down!!" lol

Oh well another evening of RICE tonight!


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9 Replies

  • That is an annoyance, but let's look at the positives: a week of lazing in Gibraltar doesn't sound so bad, and at least your post wasn't entitles "Ouch!! Oh ankle!" and the injury was to your... well, you get the idea...

  • Oh no Andy! Methinks you might have done too much and your poor ankle is complaining. You know what you have to do, just don't go back too soon and ease into it. But if it's any consolation, you've now crossed THAT line in a runner's journey and you're injured so welcome to the club. 🙂

  • Oh that's a right drag Andy. I suppose rest is the main thing here. Getting some kind of injury seems to be a rite of passage. I had knee problems right after graduation but it is all ok now. I haven't experienced ankle pain so can't really advise on what to do re cure and prevention. There's a cable car to the top of the rock at Gib but watch out for the apes. They get pretty aggressive, possibly because they are goaded a lot by tourists and then just snap. One jumped on my daughter's shoulder dislocating it and gave her a nasty bite in the shoulder for good measure so we ended up in A & E where they told us this happens a lot. If you rent a car, there'll be nice places to drive to for sight-seeing ilf you don't feel able to walk much but fingers crossed it is a lot better before you leave.

  • I'm so sorry your injured. Just when you seem to be going great guns. Is it possibly your walking shoes? As I would of thought a running injury would of shown itself just after your run. I know I have hiking boots and if I haven't worn them for a while they play havoc with my ankles and calves. I hope it heals enough for you to have a really good holiday, take care and enjoy Gibraltar.

  • Sorry to hear about your injury, but when I first saw the heading I thought how has he done that to the crown jewels while running!?😁 then I read on..

    Have plenty of rest now and enjoy your holiday, and the ankle pain clears up. I've been to Gib, very nice! I believe you do some work there, so you already know about the apes😊

  • That sounds right RFC! I can hardly bear to use my walking boots now and have to walk the dogs in my old running shoes.

    Too much too soon by the sounds of it Andy! Oh well you can repent at leisure 😊 Get in the sea! Good old salt water should help. Taking the weight off with some swimming

    I hope you'll soon be back to fitness. Your ankles will get stronger. Just hang in there

  • Drat and double Drat !!

    Rest and recovery sounds the best idea, don't rush your return

    Enjoy your hols in sunny Gib :)

  • Major bummer Andy. Rest up on your hols, you'll be back to it in no time. Better the ankle than the other I would imagine ;)

  • Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Good news on the injury front, ankle is vastly improved, swelling almost gone and the sharp pain I was getting when I put any weight on it has stopped and there is now only the slightest ache. I will not be doing any running until I return from Gibraltar though, although I hope to be doing plenty of walking while there.

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