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Should I stay or should I go?

Haven’t run since Thursday as although run was good w4 r1 I haven’t been able to walk well since. Very painful outside just above ankle bone. Did not do anything to it, just hurt all of a sudden and still like that now slightly swollen. Have bought new shoes which are yet to be tried. ( all fitted properly, analysed etc which may have caused what I can only assume is tendonitis) but so frustrated as I want to keep going but not sure whether to try it or not. Been resting it and icing it but still feels stiff and hurts to flex. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance 🙄

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I mean the old shoes caused the problem not the gait analysis and new (very expensive) shoes!


If it was me, I would wait a few more days before trying to run to let it settle.

There really is no rush to do the next run, you will still be able to do it and a full weeks rest may be helpful to your ankle. Or longer if it still hurts to walk on.

When you do next run in your new shoes, watch out for any niggles and don't run on an injury. I hope that it feels fine, but if its not better you may need to get it checked.

Don't worry about the program, you will be able to carry on with it once you are fit.

Take care😊x


I developed ankle pain at 7 weeks. Initially ran through it but it was taking longer to recover after each run. Took advice from this forum and rested (whilst feeling frustrated and convinced all my hard work had been wasted).

Once I could walk pain free I went back to shorter runs. I am pleased to report that I went back to Park Run on Saturday and was close to my previous time, nothing hurt and I really enjoyed it.

So don't panic. It's important to look after our bodies if we want them to keep doing this long term and a week or two or three resting isn't a disaster.

Good luck.


Thank you, just needed reassurance I think. It’s been amazing after only 4 weeks for my mental health as much as physical fitness . It feels like a such backward step that I may lose all I’ve gained over something stupid like poor fitting shoes. I can’t run again until Thursday now so will walk the dog instead today and see how it goes.


You say " very painful" which is your body saying "Give it a rest"

You are doing the correct things. Search for R.I.C.E. which is first aid for runners. Rest is now superseded by keeping mobile, so you may come across M.I.C.E.

Injury is frustrating but learning about your body is part and parcel of becoming a runner.

Get better soon, but don't rush it.

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