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Week One Total Newbie

Hello this will be my first run today. I am now totally petrified I will be a laughed out while out, Why am I doing this to myself? I eat loads of fried food nothing is green on my plate and I like my drink. The result - My blood pressure went crazy high resulting in a night in hospital. Do I want to go back there or do I want to run with my ten year old who just did a daily mile run in St James Park putting her own mother to shame. First job add something green to my plate at dinnertime everyday, drink water with dinner. Can tick that one. Next add some form exercise, inspired by daughter running is the exercise to start with. Now where to start? This Couch to 5K looks useful, read up on that. Start with walking (I can do that) get it to 30 minutes so this week I have gone on a 30 minute walk everyday up to yesterday.

Week One Run One today.

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You know you've made the right decision. Take your time and try not to be conscious of other people - most of them are jealous that you're making the time for exercise. I know I am when I see other people out there running!

(If it really is a problem at the start then go out early or late... the roads quieter then.

Trust me, this programme is the best thing I've ever embarked on. It's a life changer. And you're in the right community. Just listen to your body and especially to Laura!


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Follow the programme and join this amazing forum family!

Well done you...the hardest bit? You did it!

Start as you mean to go on... slow and steady... always...Make sure you take your rest days and do some other exercise on those days...cycling, swimming, yoga, walking, strength and flex...?

Link this with a healthy eating regime, not a diet... which need not cost the earth and can be great for all the family :) What a super time of the year to go for this... :)

Keep posting, we are all in it together, at whatever stage we are.. ask questions and you will love it. :)

Good Luck with your first run..:)

" The body achieves, what the mind believes"

Go for it :)


Well done with starting the walking and the healthier eating, you'll get used to that. People out there aren't like that! They're usually minding thier own business, and the only remarks I've had have been positive well dones!😀


Hello! No need to be petrified at all. It is only walking with a few slow jogs thrown in.

Walking by the way, is excellent. Free too! Try and walk as much as you can as it burns loads of calories and gets you more and more mobile. Places that you previously thought were a bus or car ride away suddenly aren't. When you've learned to run you can get there even faster

It's a fantastic programme! You only need do it really slowly, which is good news isn't it!

It's fun too. Oh yes it is! I took myself off to my local country park to do my runs and I was really giggling to myself as i took those first tentative steps. I think it could have been hysteria. LOL

There is a really funny kindle book, which is a real hoot, about running for the first time and avoiding being seen. It's called No Run Intended


You're not running for other people, so don't worry about what they do or don't think. You're running for you, and your daughter. All that matters is right there. Well done on taking the first step!

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Thank you to all who replied to my post. You were all right of course! No one laughed or looked at me as if I was some crazy person with a warped sense of humour (which I am by the way!) Yes it was a walk with a few jogs in the mix and I am feeling rather chuffed with myself didn't think I could do the jog for a whole minute without collapsing however, not only did I do the jog for a minute but everytime she said to jog I found the strength to do the jog. By the time I was doing the 5 minute cool down at the end my legs were beginning to ache. Will see if I can dust out my yoga dvd for tomorrow during my rest day am thinking I will be stiff.


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